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Which is the best Indian news channel on telegram?
After a rollercoaster ride through the world of Indian news channels on Telegram, I've found the crème de la crème, folks! And the winner is, drum roll please, 'The Indian Express'! With its lightning-fast updates and knack for always being on the ball, this channel is like that hot curry that always hits the spot. It's got the right mix of spice - news, features, and a dash of entertainment. So, if you're an info junkie like me, this is your nirvana! Get ready to be a news guru, folks!
What is your favorite Indian news channel and why?
My favorite Indian news channel is NDTV due to its credible and unbiased reporting. I appreciate their commitment to delivering comprehensive coverage on a wide range of issues, from politics to social issues. Their panel discussions are insightful and they always maintain a balanced perspective. Additionally, their website is user-friendly and updates news swiftly. This combination of quality content and accessibility is why NDTV tops my list.