10 Best Things to Do in Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah was incorporated as an emirate in the UAE on February 10th 1972. It is the northern most emirate of UAE and the tourism here is growing at a very significant rate as well. Ras Al Khaimah traces its civilization long back into history with evidence that suggests inhabitation of this land from 3rd millennium BC.
The tourist attractions of this place include the desert life, golden beaches and old ruins. In this blog we will try to create a comprehensive list of the things to do in Ras Al Khaimah to help the visitors planning to spend their holidays in this part of the Emirates.

1.  A visit to the National Museum

The Al Qasimi Royal family resided in this palace turned museum until 1964. It is considered to be the most expensive museum as the value of artefacts, ornaments and the historical weapons in the museum is very high. The museum has something to offer for everyone visiting, right from historical items to rare ancient jewels! The museum garden is a serene place to spend some quality time as well; most galleries are built around the garden itself.

2. Dhayah Fort

Self-guided tours at this old military outpost are the best way to understand the historical importance of the fort. The fort was strategically built to face the gulf on the top of a hill to give a good 360 degree view of the surroundings for the army. During the battle of 1891 between the British and Emirates, much of the brick and mud fortification was destroyed. Still, it offers a good view around and its significance in the Emirates history is noteworthy.

3. Camping at Jais Mountains

If you are visiting Ras Al Khaimah, then a night stay at a camp on the route to the Peak of Jais Mountains is an experience not to be missed. The starry sky on a full moon night is a treat to watch for the tourists in this part of the Emirates. At 6,300 feet approximately, the peak is the highest point in RAK and offers an option for a brilliant drive on the breezy road leading up to it. The road leading up to the peak also offers an excellent opportunity for mountain biking.

4. Fly with Sea Wings Seaplane

 Sea Wings Adventures offer a unique experience for the touring population by giving them a 45 minute seaplane ride from the coast of Ras Al Khaimah to the mountain ranges of Jabal Al Jais and back. This ride offers you amazing shots if you are a photography enthusiast. The deep blue sea, the Arabian Desert and the mountains together give an amazing opportunity to capture some amazing images and footages.

5. Shimal

This is a historic site and tops the list of things to do in Ras Al Khaimah among the lovers of history as this place has archaeological sites dating back to  2000 – 1300 BC. Tombs excavated in this area go back to the Pre-Islamic era and the site has remains from settlements of the same time. Weapons and tools made of bronze and copper discovered from the area also go back to the same time. The site is located near the Hajar Mountains and the best view point it boasts of would be the Husn Al-Shimal Fort. A round circular tomb excavated is suggested to belong to the Umm Al Nar cultural period.

6. Chill at the Iceland Water Park

 The largest and the best water park in UAE is in Ras Al Khaimah: Iceland Water Park has been deemed so. The water park is a kid’s paradise but adults too enjoy a lot in the number of slides that offer the adrenaline rush. The food court is located inside the park premise and no better thing to burst your hunger after a good swim in the Olympic sized pool. There is a rain dance pool too which is a favourite with the youngsters who come from Dubai for a chill or even tourists from abroad.

7. Khatt Springs

The area is in the middle of desert oasis and people can relax and refresh in the hot pools of water which is rich in mineral content and has a high therapeutic value. The water in the springs is said to contain minerals which soothe the skin besides relaxing the muscles. The Khatt Spring Area has numerous resorts where local as well as international tourists can stay, eat and go for a spa session too. There are almost 170 archaeological sites around Khatt on the foot of Hajar Mountains which has made this region a favourite picnic spot of the Emirates.

8. A visit to the Pearl Museum

Pearl diving was a tradition as well as the principal profession in ancient times at Ras Al Khaimah. Equipment used for pearl diving is on display for the visitors to give them a reminiscence of the tradition. The pearls collected are on display on the first floor and once you view the entire gallery, you are bound to get mesmerized by the detailed depiction. Pearl harvesting had a huge contribution in the economic structure of the Emirates until the industrial methods were introduced.

9. Jazirat Al Hamra

What is bound to seem like a place in ruins was once a bustling village of the fishing community located just outside the modern Ras Al Khaimah city. The villagers abandoned this place by the end of 1960s as scarcity of water and development of the city began which was partly triggered by the Oil boom in the gulf region. Pearl harvesting and fishing were the main occupations of the villagers that dwelled here.

10. Savour the taste of Ras Al Khaimah local eateries

There are many regional specialities and favourites among the locals who are more than pleased to guide you to try food from the restaurants and bakeries around the old city area. Balaleet is a savoury breakfast dish while locals highly suggest the pancakes and honey cake at Asayel (a local bakery). There are several options at the Corniche for dining which you can fathom with your taste buds.

Besides the activities mentioned above, one can go for a horse-riding session, water sport centres around the beach or simply relax at the Corniche on a bench or sand.

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Ras Al Khaimah was incorporated as an emirate in the UAE on February 10th 1972. It is the northern most emirate of UAE and the tourism he...

Top 9 Unexplored Vacation Places In India

There's no drought of incredible yet underrated places in a country as vast and diverse as India. India is a country that can take a whole life to explore and yet you might many places to see. So here's a list of  9 unexplored vacation destinations in India which are not very popular yet but fully deserve more attention.

1. Haflong

how to reach Haflong

Haflong is beautiful, pristine hill station in Assam also known as the land of blue hills. The hilly treks and green valley at Borai hills are the main attraction of adventure activities like Paragliding, Trekking and hang gliding.

2. Tawang

how to reach tawang

Located on the west side of Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang is known for its mysterious and magical beauty. It has a well-conserved Tawang Monastery which makes it a famous tourist place in India. The Jang waterfall is popular for its wonderful beauty and the Sela Pass is always covered with snow for mostly time of the year.

3. Gurez Kashmir

how to go gurez

Gurez is known to be one of the attractive valleys of Kashmir. Gateway of the historical 'Silk Route', Gurez also includes the popular pyramid shaped 'Habba Khatoon' famously named after a Kashmiri poetess. Even though transportation is still in a development phase, the lodging facility is available in the town of Dawar and close by villages. The attractive Kishen Ganga River flows from Gurez valley with its clean blue waters and one can also enjoy rafting here.

4. Warwan Valley

best place in warwan valley to see

The attempts to reach this wonderful valley are worth it as you have to overcome the difficult Margan Top (from here you can see the famous Nun Kun peak in clear weather). Another unexplored place in Kashmir, Warwan valley in Kishtwar district located at a height of approx 7000 ft from sea level offers wonderful views of greenery, waterfalls, and clear sky. Warwan valley is sandwiched between Kashmir and Ladakh. On a moonlit night, one is enthralled by the complete attractiveness of the snowfall of Zanskar range and the shining Dariya-E-Chinab flowing through the valley with far echoes of shepherd getting their sheep back home.

5. Kalimpong, West Bengal

river rafting in Kalimpong, West Bengal

An offbeat hill station in West Bengal that hasn't been explored by many people. Tibetan crafts and monasteries and churches make it a beautiful retreat for the winters and summer. Be sure to look for orchids in the extensive flower markets of Kalimpong.

6. Lepchajagat, West Bengal

best place in Lepchajagat to see or visit

 Lepchajagat is situated on a hill covered with Oak forests and attractive rhododendron. It is located near Ghoom-Mirik road at the Sukhipokhri near Darjeeling. This place has an amazing beauty that is hard to get over. Another place nearby that you should not miss are Mirik, Pashupati and Jorepokrii.

7. Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra

thing to do in tarkarli beach

Popular for its beautiful scenic view, the place will fill you with wonder. A Walk down the edge of the shining blue waters is an amazing experience. Here you can also enjoy a tour of houseboats on the Karli river and is one of the highpoints of the Tarkarli Beach. Adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater swimming are available for adventure loving couples. Don’t forget to try some delicious sea-food that Tarkarli is popular for.

8. Diveagar, Maharashtra

how to reach diveagar

Peaceful wind, sunshine kissed sands, quiet and clean waters make the place attractive. The beach is a pleasurable and clear water beach with the opportunity of many water sports. The coconut farming that runs across the beach line makes it a lovely destination to spent time around sunset with your lover. Bagmandala Beach is a quiet and clean beach near Srivardhan and you can enjoy playing in the white sands of Bagmandala beach. You can also go to the adjacent Bankot Fort through a boat ride.

9. Lakshadweep

How to reach lakshadeep place to see in lakshadeep

32 Km land divided into 36 small islands. It’s called Lakshadweep. It is one of the world's most spectacular tropical islands. The beautiful views of coral reef, sandy beaches & beautiful views of nature of all these islands can win your heart. It’s famous for its pollution-free air, clean water, hospitality and comfort. Here you can enjoy see diving and can enjoy the pleasure or comfort of nature. Some of the beaches are kavaratti beach, Kalpeni Island, Minicoy Island, Kadmat Island, Agatti Island and Bangaram Island.
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There's no drought of incredible yet underrated places in a country as vast and diverse as India. India is a country that can take a ...

Bir-Billing World's 2nd Biggest Place for Paragliding | Trekking | Mountain Biking | Camping

Bir-Billing is a village situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Bir is a famous centre for spiritual studies, ecotourism and meditation and it’s adventure sport.

1. Paragliding

Paragliding in Bir-Billing

Bir-Billing popular as Paragliding capital of India, Bir-Billing attracts adventure lovers from all over the world. Hence, may you will spend some best time here with your feet in the air. Best time for paragliding in Bir-Billing is March to May and October to November.

Paragliding in bir billing cost: - Between INR 1800 to 2500 per person

2. Meditation and Nature Walks at Sherab Ling Monastery

Meditation and Nature Walks at Sherab Ling Monastery

The natural beauty of this small town, with a multi-colored Tibetan impression can be taken in and real experienced by talking walk on this place.

3. Hand Gliding

Hand Gliding in bir Billing

Another adventure spot which mostly attracts adventure lovers from all over the world, hand gliding is a popular spot which requires proper training for participate this post. Billing (14 km) is the launch pad for the hand gliders and Bir is the landing site.

4. Bir Tea Factory

Bir billing Tea Factory

This cooperative situated near the Bir-Billing Bazaar, is another popular tourist place in the Bir-Billing.

5. Chokling Monastery

Chokling Monastery in Bir Billing

This is one of the most famous monasteries in Bir Billing and houses an impressive and huge stupa as well as an amazing statue of Padmasambhava. This monastery is situated in the Bir-Billing Tibetan colony.

6. Tibetan Colony

Tibetan Colony In bir Billing

The Tibetan colony is famous for a number of Selling handicrafts as well as local Tibetan food.

How to reach Bir Billing

The airport and railway station nearest to Bir-Billing is in Pathankot, which is 150 kilometers away. Railway station is connected to the all main cities of India and the airport is connected to Kullu and Delhi. One can get a bus or taxi from Pathankot to Bir-Billing.

Local Food and Cuisine of Bir

Bir-Billing, being the most famous tourist destination, it’s offers a number of options to tourists. You can get both Continental and Indian food here, at a price which is very pocket-friendly.

Popular Restaurants in Bir

1. The 4 Tables Cafe and Gallery
Timing: - 9AM- 10PM
Address: - Main Road, Gunehar Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 176077

2. Lhakpa Café
Timing:- 9AM-1PM
Address: - Upper Bir, Main Bazaar

3. Bhawani Guest House
Address: - West End Bir, Upper Bir Rd Bir, Himachal Pradesh 176077

Places to see nearby Bir-Billing

  1. Manali
  2. Mcleodganj       
  3. Kullu
  4. Kasol
  5. Palampur
  6. Dharamsala
Bir-Billing World's 2nd Biggest Place for Paragliding | Trekking | Mountain Biking | Camping Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
Bir-Billing is a village situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Bir is a famous centre for spiritual studies, ecoto...

15 Beautiful Countries Where Indians Can Travel Without Visa

If you are planning to go abroad for holiday and want to avoid hectic paperwork. Then it’s good news for you. Here some countries where do not require a visa for Indians to go!! Let us show you 15 beautiful countries in the world where any passport holder Indians can go without any visa for holiday.

1. Mauritius

Tourist destination in Mauritius

In Mauritius you can plan your trip up to 60 days without a Visa.

2. HongKong

tourist destination in hongkong

Hongkong is the very beautiful place, Here you can travel up to 14 days without a Visa.

3. Figi

tourist destination in Figi

Fiji is popular for beautiful beaches. Here you can spend your holiday without Visa.

4. Macau

tourist destination in macau

Macau comes in one of the richest countries. Indians can travel here freely without a visa.

5. Nepal

tourist destination in nepal

You can visit Nepal without visa and can enjoy the views of beautiful hills and natural beauty of Nepal

6. Bhutan

tourist destination in bhutan

Bhutan is a collection of ancient temples, even here you can move around comfortably, yet no visa!

7. Maldives

tourist destination in maldives

Surrounded by the Small and beautiful sea, in Maldives you can stay up to 30 days without a visa!

8. Cambodia

tourist destination in cambodia

Angkor Wat Temple is most a most popular temple in Cambodia, millions of tourists come to see this temple. If you want to see this temple you can stay here up to 30 Days without Visa.

9. Jamaica

tourist destination in jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful place to hang out, here you can come freely without a visa!

10. Haiti

tourist destination in haiti

You need only passport instead of visa to travel to Haiti, through which you can stay up to 3 months!

11. Jordan

tourist destination in jordan

In  Jordan you will get your visa on arrival on the basis of the passport. Through which, you can travel without any tension.

12. Micronesia

tourist destination in micronesia

Micronesia is full of natural beauty where you can stay up to 30 days without a visa!

13 Vanuatu

tourist destination in vanuatu

More than 80 Iceland in Vanuatu that beauty is extremely beautiful! Here you can stay up to 30 days without a visa!

14. Ecuador

tourist destination in ecuador

You don’t require visa to see the beautiful view of Ecuador, Visa on Arrival facility is also available here on Airport.

15. Laos

tourist destination in laos

Full of natural greenery in this country Indians do not need a visa to visit, Visa on Arrival facility is also available here.

Country Wise List

No Visa
Visa on Arrival
Cape Verde
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Cote d’Ivoire
Visa on Arrival
No Visa
El Salvador
No Visa
Visa on Arrival
No Visa
No Visa
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Saint Kitts and Nevis
No Visa
Saint Lucia
Visa on Arrival
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
No Visa
Permit on Arrival
São Tomé and Príncipe
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Sri Lanka
No Visa but special permit required
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Trinidad and Tobago
No Visa
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
Visa on Arrival
South Korea
No Visa
FYRO Macedonia
No Visa
No Visa
No Visa
Turks & Caicos Islands
No Visa

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If you are planning to go abroad for holiday and want to avoid hectic paperwork. Then it’s good news for you. Here some countries where do...

Places You Can Visit In India In Just Rs 5000 Budget

Life in metro cities is becoming very hectic with each passing days. At some point, our body and mind ask for a break from our fast running busy life, from the boiling heat and from different other hectic activities and that is the right time when we plan for a trip.

But when we think for a trip the first thing that comes to mind is the budget. Budget is one of the most important things that can either make or spoil your holiday.  
Undoubtedly, everybody wants to have the best vacation, but without having spent much money.
So if you have interests (that we know for sure it does) here are some best destinations that are reasonable on a budget of INR 3000 only.

1 - Manali

Places to see in Manali
You never think Manali trip can be cheaper, let us show the reality. If you have the excellent negotiating ability you can save a good hotel for 2 nights in approx 4000 INR per person. So, go and explore the wonder of the snowy mountains and also have an adventurous sky ride. Hapta Pass Trek, Beas Kund, Chandratal Lake are the main attractions of Manali and are really inspiring. You can also take a Jeep ride to Leh from Manali.

2 - Jim Corbett National Park

Jim corbett national park trip
A really amazing place that provides you excitement, natural beauty and an amazing break from the busy city life, Jim Corbett National Park is located in Ramnagar city of Uttarakhand. You can also get an opportunity to see deer, elephants and even tigers in Jim Corbett Park. The safari provides you an amazing view of the beautiful valley and the bonfire session is very comforting. The cost here for 2 nights is approx 4500 INR per person.

3 - Rishikesh

Not much far away from Dehradun city, it is the small town. It keeps great historical importance and has the religious Ram Jhoola and Lakshman Jhoola. The holy Ganga River makes this place more religious and beautiful you must include this place in your travel list. You can feel leisure time at the jungle camps and seep in the exciting beauty of this place. Rishikesh also the popular spot for river rafting which is actually a boon for adventure lovers. Many Hotels in Rishikesh offer 2 days 1-night stay in approx 3000 INR per person.

4 - Darjeeling

Darjeeling places to see
I didn’t think this place need any introduction, Darjeeling comes in one of the most beautiful & romantic place in India that homes the major and popular tea estates of the nation Darjeeling is a wonderful hill station. The greenery of this place is amazing to see and experience. You can also visit the tea estates, travel on the ancient roads and just have an amazing ride on the toy train. Although a little costly but you can spend your best time. Some Hotels in Darjeeling offer two nights stay in approx 7900 per person.

5 - Ooty

Best places in Ooty to visit
The breathtaking beauty of Ooty does not need any introduction. It has one of the most wonderful hill stations in India. The water beds, valley and lush green plateaus make this place more beautiful. The local food is also cheap, you can have a spend approx 5000 INR per person for two-night stay.  The local sightseeing provides you the most beautiful and unforgettable experience for a lifetime. You can also go for hiking, trekking or sit back and see the beautiful sunset from your hotel.

6 - Mahabaleshwar

Tourist places in Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar really is a popular spot for tourists that also pocket-friendly. You have to spend approx 5400 for two days stay in this place. The strawberries of Mahabaleshwar are famous for being delicious. Also, the scenic beauty of this place makes it a perfect place for a small vacation.
So these are some places that do not require much of your money and offer you the experience of a lifetime. What are you waiting for; just pack your bags and start your amazing trip to one of these places.
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So they are some places that not require a lot of cash and give you the best experience for lifelong. What exactly are you looking, just pack up your bags and start your incredible visit to one of the places.
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Life in metro cities is becoming very hectic with each passing days. At some point, our body and mind ask for a break from our fast running ...
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