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19 Dec 2015

Top Beach Party Destinations In Goa

Goa is known as a party capital of India. There are a many happening and famous party beaches in Goa, which is extremely much captivated by numerous tourists from worldwide. The Goa is popular for entertainment, crowd, voyage sports, drinking water sports, audio, for example. Goa is also known for its scenery and greenery. It offers rich plant life and animals as it is located about Western Ghats. Goa’s capital of Panaji.

Best Visitor Beaches for Vacations:

Anjuna beach

This beach is situated in Bardez Taluka, and it is 18 kms from Panaji. This beach is a part of Arabian Marine, which become popular coupled western shore of Goa.
Anjuna-Beach-Nightlife. This beach is a popular tourist spot in December, tourist come here during Christmas and New Year, for full-moon parties. This is the Best time to visit this beach as a huge number of tourist from all over the world gather here for most amazing beach parties.

Candolim Beach Goa

Candolim beach is situated in north Goa, which is 15 kms far from Panjim. It is one of the biggest beaches in Goa, which starts at Fort Aguada and its other end with Calangute beach. If one wants silence and peace then this is the best tourist destination for you. There are shops and restaurants on the main road near the beach, but there is no any commercial activity available here near beach accepts adventure sports or water sports. This beach is extremely clean and your min gets clean up up as there is silence and calmness all over. The here is the ship water continues to be stuck from its coast line since 2000.

Mandrem Beach

This beach is referred among the most amazing beaches of Goa. This beach is also in north Goa and is also popular due to the scenery as well as greenery. This really is mostly new married couples like because they will get need romantic views and privacy. This beach is well known for fun on holiday as here's nothing to perform or move around but only a small village and may enjoy eating on local meal.

Baga Beach - Goa

This beach is also one of the most popular visitor spots and is famous because of to the sun-set see. It becomes the full party time for vacation during seasons while tourists from all over the world are visit here for adventure sports activities and water sports and much more.

This beach is kind of an eyesight attraction with the tourists from worldwide. During primary season, a giant crowd collects here regarding water sports activities, dolphin cruise ships and in January as well as march, this specific beach furthermore gets discovered with the wind surfing. On a yearly basis around Sept to Nov, wind searching championship is conducted below. This beach is extremely much recognized by tourists the ones from worldwide for it is famous ocean food, night time beach parties as well as night life.

Sunburn and after Night

Sunburn is the most happening and the majority famous festivity conducted in Goa in December. It really is an automated dance audio, in which everywhere over the beach DJ days are presented. Sunburn has changed into a place regarding electronic audio, entertainment, dancing, food and much more. This festivity is gone to by enormous volume of tourists which come specially to attend this festivity.

This festivity is started in the calendar year 2007, and became very famous among tourists due to the dance, audio, food, etc. this festivity is ranked as the ninth very best festival in the world by CNN in '09. Sunburn is among the most going on dance audio and enjoyment party and will be held throughout Goa, from 27th – 29th 12, this year.
While in sunburn, many international DJ’s arrive at Goa and a fully fledged party is being organized by means of them and that is attended by way of large collecting of vacationers from worldwide, every calendar year. Sunburn is the collaboration connected with Indian as well as foreign vacationers, enjoying as well as partying collectively. Crowd from ongoing sunburn in the evening party

DJ Rave Parties

Goa is extremely mush known due to the nightlife as well as night events and group attending those people parties. The lovely view through the night and this view along the beaches and within the moon made people to party through the night also. Essentially the most famous among the parties is rave get together.

These rave parties are much reportedly started by means of hippies. These parties have gotten popular by means of each transferring year. Sooner, Rave parties are recognized for loud audio, alcoholic, boozing and drugs. This offers made this young youth to participate these types of rave events. But using drugs is banned by means of government and known as illegal. So there after, the rave parties at the moment are known regarding live audio performances, meal, music, little bit boozing and occasional sipping.

These rave events are these days, very much in control of the govt. The using alcohol as well as drugs is only allowed throughout Christmas as well as new year, and for other year, standard music or perhaps trance audio is permitted.

10 Dec 2015

Bibi Ka Maqbara Most Famous Tourist Place in Aurangabad Maharashtra

Bibi Ka Maqbara is situated at Aurangabad city of Maharashtra, India. It is one of the most famous Historical Places ofIndia. It was constructed in 1678, Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb had constructed this historical structure in remembrance of his mother Dilras Banu Begum. If we discuss about the architecture then it is like to Taj Mahal which is comes in oneof the 7 wonders of the World. Mostly Bibi Ka Maqbara is evaluating with Taj Mahal and for this reason it is also famous as Dakkhani Taj (Taj of Deccan).

tourist destination in Aurangabad Maharshtra
Bibi Ka Maqbara
Bibi ka Maqbara

Persian who was also famous as an Ustad-Ata-Ullah was a head architecture of This Bibi Ka Maqbara building. He has tried to duplicate The Taj Mahal but in some way we cannot see the attractiveness which we are able to see inside Taj Mahal. Overall it appears like a Taj Mahal but when we compare both equally monuments then we are able to see in which Bibi ka Maqbara is often a poor copy of Taj Mahal.

Opening Hours of Bibi ka Maqbara
Opening days and timing: - Everyday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Entry Fees for Bibi ka Maqbara: - For Indian Rs. 5 per person, for foreigners Rs. 100 per person.
It is a normal charge which you have to give may extra charge for camera or some other things.

2 Dec 2015

5 Most Romantic Places to Honeymoon in World

Choosing a Honeymoon destination is a big problem for many young couples who just got married. Many companies that provide honeymoon packages with different variations, in both terms of price and facilities. But the main thing is how you can get a romantic environment while enjoying your honeymoon. The following are the 5 most romantic places to honeymoon.

1. Carribben Islands

Carribben Islands
Carribben Islands
Many describe a romantic honeymoon as the time for you to spend time with your partner on a beautiful tropical island. Therefore, the Caribbean islands are the correct answer to meet your desires. This place is located in the South East of America. Place that might about be called a paradise in the world will provide a comfortable atmosphere on the waterfront with brilliant climate. There you will be offered a cruise to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Caribbean approximately weekly in the summer. Apart from all that, there are many other things you can do, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, or surfing.

2. The Mediterranean Coast

Perhaps Europe is a continent with many romantic destinations, bustling city, and tourists are plentiful. But among the many places, there are two most romantic places that you must visit during honeymoon with your partner. The two places are Venice and the Greek islands.
The Mediterranean Coast
Venice is a city that which is considered as the most romantic city to be a honeymoon destination for more people in the world. There are many important points that are often used as a destination to spend time together, one of which is Venice Bridge. Many have dreamed of getting kiss from his partner on the bridge. However, you should choose the right time to be able to get the ideal setting, such as at the end of the European spring, or early fall, such as May, June, September, and October.
Greek Islands like magic that will make any couple fall in love in there. Island of Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini are just a few places that have villa with a white theme, clear water and green pastures that are perfect for your honeymoon destination. Mykonos and Corfu has an impressive landscape where there are traditional villages, interesting architecture, and food that tempt your appetite. In fact, Santorini is considered as the place that has the best sunset views in the world.

3. Asia
There are too many places to choose from countless serve destinations in Asia. Korea, China, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mauritius, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia are some places that captivate and have the best service for your visit. There, you and your partner will enjoy your honeymoon stopover in some places such as Kashmir, the Great Wall of China, the Maldives, and the romantic and memorable Bali Island with its culture and exotic food that will make your unforgettable honeymoon.

4. Fiji

Fiji is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, was awarded with hundreds of tropical beautiful islands you’ve probably never seen before. Your eyes will get used to the view of the green mountain peaks, white beaches, and incredible ocean. There, you are not only satisfied by the beautiful nature of Fiji, but also world-class food that is ready to be enjoyed in the capital of Viti Levu, or see the native animals of the Garden Isle Island. Romantic atmosphere as it is the most perfect thing that will make your honeymoon more memorable.

5. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of a romantic honeymoon destination. There lies so beautiful coastline with clear white sand, majestic volcanoes, and friendly locals. You can enjoy an exotic atmosphere that adds to the excitement you and your spouse to live a honeymoon. In addition to the above, there are many activities that you can enjoy together, such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, volcano tours, mountain biking, and snorkeling. You will also be presented with a traditional Polynesian feast which contains dance, music, and exotic foods.

The above are just a small part of romantic places that can be your honeymoon reference to be spent with family. By knowing descriptions of romantic places above, I hope you are not wrong in choosing your honeymoon destination.

26 Nov 2015

Best Tourist Spots In Jammu and Kashmir

The view of nature is awesome, as you can never discover a similar to it. The impressive river, royal mountains, dark forests, noisy waterfalls and all that is natural, gorgeous, strange and powerful. A natural around can excite you and challenge you to see the sights its beauties or shock you and make quiet to enjoy its peacefulness. If you are thinking to enjoy the boundless beauties of environment, Kashmir could be the best Destination for you. Kashmir, no can  described beauty of this land , welcome you with its snow covered mountains, pictorial valleys, lakes, wonderful trees, lively flowers and with a range to indulge in many of adventures with water rafting, trekking, canoeing and a other. Here are the top places to visit in Kashmir, your dream destination.

1. Breathtaking Lakes

It may be a wrong if we talk about only one lake and the other ignored as each lakes in Kashmir needs unique mention. Here is a serious effort to provide information about the important lakes of Kashmir.

i.  Dal Lake

Dal Lake tourist destination in jammu
Dal Lake
The second biggest lake in Kashmir, Dal Lake, is one of the best attractions in Kashmir. The view of the lake is surprising with mountains on its three sides and soulful trees on its banks. Houseboats not only offer you a brilliant opportunity to journey the length and breadth of the lake but they also give you unique experience that will stay fresh in your mind for long.

ii. Nagin Lake

tourist spots in jammu and kashmir
Nagin Lake
Nagin Lake Is contained at the bottom of Zabarwan Mountain. It is a part of the popular Dal Lake. Willow trees and famous trees around the lake. However the lake is smaller as comparison of Dal Lake, It is quiet and nice. The peacefulness of this place, birds flying surrounding and the attractive sunset make magic to the atmosphere.

iii. Manasbal Lake

honeymoon places in Jammu kashmir
Manasbal Lake
The Lake is located amidst beautiful landscape. On one side is Aha-thung, a small hill and on the opposite side is a plateau. The deepness of the lake makes it more attractive and this is one of the deepest lakes in Kashmir. Located 30 km away from Srinagar, the place is haven for birdwatcher’s as it is home to various river birds. The properly-maintained garden make more beautiful to the lake.

iv. Gangabal Lake

honeymoon destinations in jammu kashmir
Gangabal Lake
Also famous as Gangabal Lake, it is one of the high height lakes in Kashmir. It’s believed as the original source of Ganga. Gangbal trek is believed the most important and holy pilgrimage.

2. Beautiful Gardens

The whole thing about Kashmir magical beauty. There is thrilling in the air and the gardens of Kashmir take you out of world. Here are some ‘should visit’ gardens in Kashmir.

i. Mughal Gardens

tourist places in jammu and kashmir
Mughal Garden
Mughal Garden is a wonderful exhibit of the Mughal architecture. Three gardens that merge to form the Mughal Gardens contain Chashma Shahi, Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Gardens. Nishat Bagh was put down in 1634 AD. It is located on the bank of Dal Lake. The garden has twelve steps and the last steps linked to Dal Lake. Shalimar Bagh garden is delivered to belong to 6th century AD but it irremeably later.

ii. Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal
Pari Mahal
Build by Dara Shikoh son of Shah Jahan in the year 1650, Pari Mahal is an attractive effort of architecture. It was named after the death of Dara Shukoh’s wife Nadira Begum, who was also known as Pari Begum. Located at the top of hill Zabarwan, the six-step garden overlooks Srinagar.

3. Spectacular Valleys

It is not possible not to provide details about all valleys when we think about Kashmir. Here are the details about most beautiful valleys in Kashmir that are you should not missed on a tour.

i. Drass Valley

Drass Valley places to visit in jammu
Drass Valley
Drass Valley position second in the list of coldest populated places of the world, the first place is Oymyakon in Siberia. Though, the position nowadays looks to have changed contrary to the current list as global warming has pressed back Siberia to the second position and ranks Drass Valley at the First. It is located at a height of 3230 m. being a tight valley with cold storm blowing regularly, Dress is colder than most high places on earth.

ii. Baltal Valley

Baltal Valley
Baltal Valley
Baltal Valley is one of the attractive valleys in Kashmir. Situated on the banks of River Sindh, the valley offers wonderful views. It is located at an altitude of 2743 meter above sea level. It is a famous camp place as pilgrim tents are seen all along the picturesque valley to facilitate the stay of tourists to Amarnath.

iii. Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley
Warwan Valley
Belonging to a part of Kashmir that is not popular, Warwan Valley is located in Kishtwar district, which is at a laces height of nearly 7000 feet above sea level. No imagery can do justice to the dramatic views of waterfall and lush greenery from this height.

The natural beauty of tourist places in Kashmir is beyond compare. it's is comes in one of the best tourist destination in north India. Nature is forever at its best when intact. Though, it is the adventurer in man gets pride in trying to achieve impossible heights. Climbing the peaks which might be the highest on earth is undoubtedly a fantastic achievement nevertheless judging your magnitude regarding nature eludes mankind and may continue to accomplish this. The endeavors, however, bring joy along with a great perception of delight. Plan well to enjoy your expedition to Kashmir so that you could reap the benefits of your trip which offers a life time experience.

23 Nov 2015

7 Best Holiday Places Near Delhi

1. Bharatpur

Bharatpur National Park and bird sanctuary

The Bharatpur National Park, also famous as a Keoladeo National Park, it’s a wonderful bird sanctuary. Named after the Keoladeo temple situated in its enclosed space, the place was created as a national park on 10th March 1982. It was created to protect the Bharatpur region from regular floods. Allowanced  a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, this parka is home to more than 230 different kind of birds,  more than 200 different Various variety of the amphibians and reptiles like turtles,  fish, lizards, snakes, etcetera and  more than 350 flowers varieties can be found here. This National Park, normally   known in local as Ghana, has been house for the Siberian Crane in winter; a species on the edge of disappearance (consider a rare bird today). 5km far from the Bharatpur Junction (railway station) and around 192 kms from Delhi by car (a 1 day journey), a sight to watch; a must visit.

Travel Time from New Delhi: 4 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1 day
Best Time to Visit: Nov-Feb

2. Agra

tourist places in Agra north India

When you think about Agra, one thing has come in your mind- yes, the Taj Mahal. One of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal situated in Agra, , which feel the entire country proud. But that's not the only thing in Agra to see. It has three UNESCO World Heritage sites and Taj Mahal comes in the 50 most famous tourist places in the world. Architecture, History, romance all together makes the magic of Agra which is approximately the lifeline of Indian tourism. Fanatic History as well as its architecture can have a ball here with the complete extension of the culture and Mughal art on display. Apart from this monuments, the city also has various exciting things for foodies - including the popular  Agra ka Petha and wonderful chaat and Lassi.

Travel Time From New Delhi: 4 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1-2 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Mar
Places to Visit,  Where to Eat

3 Mcleodganj

tourist places in India

Also famous as Little Lhasa and popular in the world as a being residence of the Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama, Mcleodganj is a wonderful city located close to upper Dharamsala. Nestled between majestic hills and soulful greenery, this town is racially blessed by a famous Tibetan influence owing to the main settlement of Tibetans here. Mcleodganj has one of the most interesting sight in the whole state of Himanchal Pradesh and be a focu s for a lot of tourists all over the year. The towns of Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Nag,  Dharamsala and Kangra are located very near to each other and tourists must see all these places while travelling here. Few of the most famous and religiously major monasteries in India are situated here, including the Namgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang, where the religious leader Dalai Lama lives. as well, tourists also visit the beautiful Dal Lake and Triund, which are apt for picnics.

Travel Time from New Delhi: 10 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 2-4 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Jun

4.  Jaipur

tourist destinations in jaipur rajasthan

Also known the City of Victory, Jaipur has forever been one of the faces of tourism of India.  it’s included with Agra and New Delhi, it's make the Golden Triangle of Indian Tourism and would be the most famous tour for any foreigner visitor India. Jaipur is an attractive city with wonderful shades of it. The Amer zone of Jaipur is beautified with hills and lakes and studded with splendid forts including Nahargarh, Amber Palace and Jaigarh Forts. There is the old walled town, which is a different city altogether with narrow road, pink shops ,buildings and the monuments like City Palace, Hawa Mahal and the world famous Jantar Mantar. These ways are also the same which keep attention tourists from entire world for its snacks, sweets and the shopping, colorful bangles to printed Saris to the pretties and jewelry of Johri Bazaar, Jaipur has the whole thing to offer for a purchasing. There are various posh and residential regions with high-rises and flyovers and wonderful architecture and infrastructure. Jaipur has a matchless feel to it and it can only be experience once you are there.

Travel Time From New Delhi: 5 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 2-3 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Mar
More about Jaipur Tourism

5. Alwar

places to visit in alwar rajasthan

Bounded by Aravali hills, Alwar is an attractive city of rich heritage and culture. Not very popular between tourists, Alwar has kept its attraction from the past. The royal fort, attractive colorful markets and City Palace the make Alwar one of the most attractive cities in Rajasthan. Alwar has been oldest of Rajasthani Empire and first Rajput states to line up itself with the British Empire. Alwar is most popular for two things - its forts and milkcake ('Alwar ka mawa'). The city included under the NCR region and popular for a great weekend from New Delhi - as Alwar is a small wonderful and silent place without pollution. With other reasons to you can also visit Alwar  forthe Sariska Tiger Reserve and the mystifyingBhangarh Fort.

Travel Time From New Delhi: 4 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1-2 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Mar

6.  Manali

Surrounded by majestic hills and woody forests, the quaint charm of Manali has captured the world's attention and has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The pristine River Beas flows right through the town, creating a mesmerizing and spellbinding landscape. Nestled at one end of the Kullu Valley, Manali is a popular hill station with attractions such as the Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley nearby. Rohtang Pass is covered with snow throughout the year and is a good experience in itself. During this season, Solang Valley comes alive as it is the prime spot to enjoy snow and snow-based activities. This is the ideal place for tourists looking to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature, for there is no place in the country more vibrant and charming as Manali. This town also has a multitude of options for tourists looking for adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, skiing, zorbing, white water rafting etc. Besides adventurous activities, Manali also has a lot of temples which all tourists and devotees love to visit including the Raghunath temple and Jagannathi Devith Temple being one of the important ones. Hadimba Temple, a 14th century temple is famous for its wooden architecture and for its religious values. Manali is also used as the base town for the Manali-Leh highway and Leh is around 479 km from here. Lahaul and Spiti district can also be accessed from here during the summers using the same highway.

Travel Time From New Delhi: 12 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 2-4 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Jun

7. Gwalior

places to visit in Gowalior

The city's heritage has stay captured in the impressive architecture of mosques, statues and temples. Surrounded by wonderful hills and greenery. Being a significant city where one of India's most famous royal families resided, Gwalior is many of palaces and wonderful temples. The Gwalior fort, which gives an amazing view of the whole city, the Jai vilas palace and the Sun Temple and some others tourist places in Gwalior that cannot be missed. The great Indian famous musician Tansen was born in this city and the tomb of Tansen is also a significant place here. Each year in the month of November and December a four day Tansen Music festival is organized in the city.

Travel Time from New Delhi: 6 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1-2 days
Best Time to Visit: Jul-Mar

18 Nov 2015

8 Best Honeymoon Destinations Near Delhi

Delhi is one of the main cities and capital of the India. Now days,Usually people are so busy they dont have enough time for their love ones. In there are vacations they decide to spend their time somewhere, which far  from the busy city, there are a some places which they can think for a short honeymoon vacation.

1. Nainital

Nainital best tourist destinations in india

Nainital is located in Kumaon foothills; it is 228km far from Delhi and you can travel by car or by buses which will take approx 8 hours to arrive. Hindi meaning of the city is “lake of the eye” as there are many lakes. The city is in the middle of the mountains and has a low temperature at the whole time, can also enjoy snow fall during winter. The climate and sceneries make your honeymoon romantic.

2. Manesar

tourist destination during winter
Manesar was previous a village and few people were inhabitants, but today it has developed into fast expanding industrial town due to its quick on-going growth and now it’s also known as a new Gurgaon. After a long driving to this top of hill will makes the pairs witness the attractiveness of the Aravalli Ranges. It also has various tourist places like the Damdama Lake where the couples can enjoy boat ride and see stunning sunsets and Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

3. Naukuchiatal

Naukuchiatal is natural and attractive place for honeymoon which is near about 250 to 300 km far from Delhi. It has mountains around this and is a superb place for rest. It has a lake resort, which is the best and stay the couples far from the busy life. In the early morning lake sides are become most beautiful with birds chirping. There is a place where people can enjoy paragliding.

4. Lansdowne

places to visit in india

Lansdowne would be the best place for honeymoon that also in a less cost. It is approx 228 km far from Delhi and has some stirring spots for the couples to come. They can also see the Himalayan Range, it has lake called Bhulla Lake where people can enjoy boating and also take part in some other river activities.

5. Mussoorie

tourist places in india

Mussoorie is a wonderful hill station approx 280 km from Delhi. You can go by busses, Indian railway and taxis it could be much expensive. The weather is quite cold all time and the winter would be a good for couples to go there and pass some pleasant time together in honeymoon.  You also visit Kempty Fall, gun hill, boat ride at the lake.

6. Agra

historical places and monuments in india
In winters starting would be the good time to visit in Agra, when days would have a sufferable temperature and nights would be some cold. Love stories which symbolize power and relationship between two people, always motivate couples. Taj Mahal constructed by Shah Jahan, for his wife Mumtaz that you must visit, to see, how love can be deep.

7. Morni Hills

travel destination in india
Morni Hills is a hill station above approx 1220 meter from sea level and located in the northern side of Haryana, near about 277 km far from Delhi. It is a branch of the Shivalik range. Honeymoons should be in quiet and romantic places, and it is one them. People find many colorful birds here and it has some interesting adventure sports like trekking and rock climbing.

8. Shimla

tourist destination in winter

Shimla is one of the best tourist destination in north India beautiful location  with green hills and snow capped peaks and approx 355 km far from Delhi. Shimla is the most excellent way to arrive at the lower ranges of Himalaya. It has a cold weather and in the winter time temperature goes below zero degree. It is one of the best tourist and honeymoon spots couples.

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