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How to perfect the skill of being a work-at Home-Mam


Many of us wish we did not have to report to an office every single day to work. We assume that working from home could be fun, but it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to achieve what you need to, while still balancing it with family time and all the distractions.

It needs lots of time management and organization to get your work done before the deadlines start showing up. It can be challenging if you spend all your time working and forget other home duties.  You can achieve so much as you work from home and still have a life. Read on!

Come up with a to-do list

A plan is what makes the difference between success and failure. If you make a to-do-list of the things that you should achieve every day and every week, it keeps you focused and enhances your concentration.

The first things on your list should be the tasks that are the most important. List them down according to priority so that you don’t forget to do something that has a short deadline. You can write the deadlines against each item to help you remember. There is great satisfaction when you tick that list at the end of the day or week, having accomplished all the tasks.

Take a break

People who work in offices take breaks such as lunch breaks or coffee breaks. At home, it should not be that different. Do not expect your mind to concentrate for 8 hours without breaks in between. You can take a siesta after finishing your first task to help your brain get refreshed or a cup of coffee during breaks to raise your sugar level.

Once you are done with your daily duties, refresh by hitting the gym or taking a walk with your pet as you congratulate yourself on a job well done.  Such things keep you motivated and inspired to face tomorrow.

Set goals

Goals are different from a to-do- list in how long they last. Goals can be long-term for instance; you can target to achieve a certain number of clients from your job. Work towards achieving these goals as you continue preparing daily to-do-list to take it one day at a time. Avoid setting unrealistic goals that you cannot reach. Be honest with yourself to avoid disappointment at the end of the duration set.

Stay away from distractions

This is a significant challenge that comes with working from home. You could be living with other family members who keep on distracting you from working. In this case, you need to set boundaries and let everybody know and respect your working hours.

If social media is a distraction, close the tabs and focus on your work for the hours you are expected to work. Remind yourself that these things will always be there and you can still catch up after you are done with your working schedule.

Avoid cooking during lunch break

It is normal to feel hungry, but cooking takes time. You can plan to cook meals for a whole week and store them in your refrigerator. During the week, your inbuilt microwave can be a lifesaver to heat the food and reduce cooking time. Your home warranty can cover defects on your devices for repairs. Most landmark home warranty reviews report that the company is always at your service to ensure that your appliances are functioning accordingly.

Less time cooking translates to more time resting so that you are ready for your afternoon working session. You can also buy healthy non-cook meals or order healthy foods from a restaurant. Contact one joint and order for home deliveries if cooking is not your favorite task.

Remain organized

If you handle a lot of paperwork from home, take some time to organize them to avoid forgetting some things. Have a specific place to store all the invoices, contacts or client list far from any family member so that you don’t misplace or lose them. You can get files to store your contact copies or receipts in specific cabinets to save yourself time and agony of missing something important.

Set boundaries

Working from home is tough if you have a personality of always being there for your clients when you should be spending time with your family. Balancing the two can help you achieve more from working from home. Set limits when it is time for family and when it is time to work. It is easy to overwork from home, but limits can help you balance your life such that none of the sides overwhelm you.

Avoid working for free

Unless you are a volunteer, don’t work for free. You might have a passion for something but that passion will not pay your bills if you are not earning from it. You should be able to negotiate with the person you are working with because your skills and time are valuable.

Get a support network

A caregiver or a husband can watch the kids as you work. Such support will eliminate the distractions since a young child may not understand what you are doing. Let your friend babysit your children so that you can concentrate on your work.

Work more when you feel more productive

We are all different in how we concentrate. Some people are early birds that can do more in the morning while others focus more in the evening. Find that time when your mind can concentrate more so that you can give your best during those few hours.

Make use of a timer and an alarm

Most of us don’t have the natural alarm in our minds to wake us up automatically. Set your alarm every day and purpose to wake up at the same time every day with fewer distractions. Do every task with a time to evaluate your progress.

Final thoughts

After all is said a done, you need to be the professional, the daughter, the wife, the friend or the mother and knowing when to take these roles will make you successful as you work from home. It can be an exciting experience if you have the discipline and commitment to make the most out of the opportunity. It is everybody’s dream. Don’t ruin the chance!


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