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5 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Sandals


If you spend a lot of your summer doing outdoor activities like hiking and camping there’s a good chance you’ve wondered about getting the right pair of sandals. These types of activities are demanding, and you do need the right footwear, but with warm weather here for the season you’ve probably also wished your feet weren’t sweating to death in hot shoes. 

If you haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about the types of outdoor sandals available, now is a good chance to do that. Having a great fitting pair of outdoor sandals from Viakix.com that fit you well and let your feet feel some air this summer can make a huge difference in your outdoor activity experiences. 

Still wondering if you really do need outdoor sandals or not? Stick around. You might be surprised at the reasons you haven’t considered for buying a pair of sandals that work for your hiking or camping adventure. Here are five reasons why you need outdoor sandals. 

1. They’re Fast Drying

Spending a lot of time hiking means you’re probably going to come across water at some point during your hike. If it’s just a puddle you can probably manage to avoid getting wet, but if you’re more adventurous you might not be able to avoid every water source in the area. Sandals made for outdoor activities often have water-friendly versions available. 

Since sandals are more well ventilated than normal hiking boots or shoes your feet are going to dry faster. Sandals ready for water activities are still going to offer you the same type of good grip and slip resistance than a normal shoe will, just with added benefits. Not having to walk around in soaked shoes and socks for the rest of your hike is a big one.

Fast drying sandals mean you’re going to be much more comfortable than you might be if your shoes get soaked on accident. If you’re an adventurous hiker that likes to wander off onto your own path, considering sandals that let your feet dry faster is a good idea.

2. They Let Your Feet Breathe

Along the same lines as the reasons you’d want a fast drying sandal, sandals (even closed toe options) give your feet a chance to breathe. In the summer when things are especially warm out on the trails or at your campsite, this can be a great thing. Your feet breathing means you aren’t forcing them to sweat it out in less comfortable summer shoe options.

Hiking and outdoor sandals have options that still enclose your foot for safer hiking, while being open to the air. It’s a great chance to give your feet a bit of a cooldown without having to sacrifice the great fit of your normal hiking shoes. Outdoor sandals take both things into account.

3. They’re Easy To Customize

Some of the outdoor sandal options on the market, like Teva sandals, are highly adjustable. Since you can change how the sandal fits your foot by adjusting one of the many straps on the sandal it means the shoes are extremely easy to customize. You have more options available than just tightening your laces. 

If you feel like your sandals aren’t giving you great support on the middle of your hike you still have options. Changing up how your straps are situated on your foot can make the sandal feel entirely different. You might have to play around with all of the straps on the more adjustable sandal options to find your best fit, but when you doo you’ll be especially thrilled with your purchase. 

4. They Still Protect Your Feet

While Teva or similar brands offer sandals that are pretty adjustable and open, there are many types that still enclose your foot for protection. Merrill hiking sandals, for example, are almost completely closed and even cover your toes. They’re still sandals, they have a lot of ventilation which means your feet are still getting air, but you won’t have to sacrifice keeping your feet safe.

Since a lot of the reasons you may still be choosing shoes over sandals revolve around the protective nature of shoes or hiking boots, this is great news. If you can give your feet a little extra air without having to worry about getting scraped feet while hiking it means you no longer have to make the choice between comfort or protection. 

5. They’re Still Rugged 

Outdoor sandals are still made out of rugged materials meant to handle being outside in all kinds of situations. Sometimes when you think of sandals you think about cheaper shoes made from flimsy materials. That’s definitely a type of sandal on the market but it’s not something that’s common in sandals geared towards outdoor activities.

Think of the same types of materials used in your favorite hiking shoes. Those materials are still used in outdoor sandals. They’re ready to handle slippery rocks, tough terrain, and withstand the wear and tear of being outside constantly. Basically, these sandals are made for the action you’re going to put them through. 

The worries of having a pair of sandals that are going to wear out within a trip or two to your favorite trails are something you can put out of your mind. You’ll have a lot of options to look at and all of them are tough enough to hold up to everything you plan on doing. Plan on having these sandals for a long time because they’re built to last.


With the reasons you’ve just read about, it’s obvious that you no longer have to avoid wearing sandals if you’re going to be doing a lot of outdoor activities. You aren’t stuck wearing hot boots all summer long anymore. 

If you haven’t checked out all the outdoor sandals on the market today you’re in for a big surprise. Give your feet a break and get a pair of sandals they’ll love. When you hit the trails you’ll be thrilled you gave outdoor sandals a chance.



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