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Should You Consider Same Day Taj Mahal Tour? What Are The Reasons?


Do you have a fascination with marvellous and majestic Taj Mahal? To explore the beautiful and eternal monument of love, tourists can take up same day Taj Mahal tour. It is impossible to define the beauty, the charm and aura of The Taj Mahal in Agra in a few words. So, it is worth visiting Agra and exploring its beauty by taking a sightseeing tour.

An art lover has so many things to explore in the Taj Mahal, and given that it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the historical monument is most impressive and mesmerizing. Book a Taj Mahal Tour Package to witness the majestic work of Shah Jahan who constructed this awe-inspiring monument in the memory of Mumtaz Mahal.

Less Time And Maximum Enjoyment With Same Day Taj Mahal Tour

If you are in Delhi and have only a few hours for sightseeing, head towards Agra and explore The Taj Mahal. As Agra is just 203 kilometres from Delhi, the day tour to magnificent Taj Mahal will be easier. There are a lot many tour packages to explore online. If you are travelling to India for the first time, don’t waste any moment and book a same-day travel package. A journey of 3-4 hours is easy for travellers.

Enjoy The Taj Mahal Moonlight Tour

Are you aware that The Taj Mahal changes colour on every moonlight night and turns milky white? Yes! The Crown Palace in Agra changes colour with the rising sun, setting sun and on a moonlit night. It is the most beautiful tomb and gem add-on in India’s pride. Inspired by love, the grand edifice showcases the splendour and the truthfulness of that era.

Indeed, sunrise and sunset are the prime visiting hours just like the moonlit night. The Taj Mahal is such a dynamic image which changes its colour for nearly 3 times. Technically speaking, you may visit the monuments at any point of the day. Tickets are available if you want to visit the Taj Mahal and see how it changes colour.

Same Day Taj Mahal Tour: Cost-Effective

Same Day Taj Mahal Tour is sure to prove a cost-effective affair. During the day, you can check out this monument along with others nearby. Agra Fort Travel package will help to save time, money and energy.

Same day tour or a few hours tours is easy for even business travellers. If you are taking a business trip to Agra, don’t forget to drop down at The Taj Mahal. Pay a visit to Agra Fort, popular for the stone carvings, and also It-mad-Daula’s Tomb.

Same Day Agra tour to enjoy the Mughalai cuisine

When you have booked the same day tour package and are travelling to Agra, don’t miss out on the Mughalai cuisine. Agra tour is incomplete without you enjoying the Mughalai dishes.

Discover leather factories and marble factories in Agra

Agra is popular for leather work and in-laid marble work. Pay a visit to the factories en-route and have knowledge of manufacturers there. You can buy handicraft products that even please the most fastidious eyes. Shop till your heart’s content when you are in Agra for it is shopper’s paradise.

Delhi-Agra Roadway And Sightseeing

During your same day trip to Agra, you may also explore the Tomb of Emperor Akbar and Fatehpur Sikri at Sikandra. You may see them enroute Delhi-Agra Roadway.

A visit to Taj Mahal will create lifetime unforgettable memories for sure. The monument is popular for intricate white marble work, intricate painting, stonework, and brilliant architecture. Book the tour package now to undertake this magnificent journey of visiting The Taj Mahal.


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