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Parashar Lake! Enjoy the Exotic & Scenic Beauty of Lake!

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Well, who doesn’t need to rejuvenate the spirits and head to some peaceful and serene location? If this is sounding like you, then we must advise you to zip your bags and essentials and head out to visit the most astounded lake in India, that is the Parashar lake, located in the charms and beauty of Himachal Pradesh. The popular and serene lake of Parashar is also known with a second name as Prashar and is a small lake located 50 KMS away from the beautiful city of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

For its peaceful and serene location, Parashar Lake has become a popular destination amongst travel enthusiasts and the locals as well. It is also considered as a holy lake as it has three-storeyed pagoda-like the temple which is dedicated to the sage Parashar. The lake is located at a good height of 2,730 meters and according to the legends the lake is extremely deep and the real depth of the lake is still unknown.

Image source: wikipedia.org

Best time to visit Parashar Lake:

The best part about this lake is that it is open to visitors at any time of the year, including the chilling of winter months as well. However, the majority of travellers happen to visit this during the summer months, but still few travels freak like to visit here when the lake is fully covered with a thick sheet of snow, which magically adds more beauty and elegance to this beautiful spot on earth.

Trekking and Camping fun at Parashar Lake:

Travellers, who are great adventurers and fun loving, consider this lake as an ideal option to visit for trekking and camping related fun and adventure. The entire location with its peaceful and majestic views makes Parashar Lake a perfect destination for camping and trekking related activities.

The other good part about this lake is that it is an economical destination; wherein a nominal amount of Rs.1000 is charged per person for an entire day, all inclusive of the meals also.

However, if luxury is what you seek at this amount, you would not be satisfied. You will find these camps not so comfortable but still, they can be worthy to keep you warm during the chilling weather in winter months.  Also, washrooms can be a big problem too with these campsites.

But, there is one campsite which offers the facility of washrooms and that is 2-kilo meters away from the lake.

How to reach the exotic destination of Parashar Lake?

One of the commonest ways to reach this lake is by reaching the small town of picturesque Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. The town of Mandi is located at an approximate distance of 415-kilo meters from Delhi and a total of 170-kilo meters from Chandigarh.

Once you are in the town of Mandi, it will take another narrow 50 kilo meters long road to reach the highest peak of the mountain on which this lake is beautifully located.

Delhi to Chandigarh:

An early start from Delhi is highly recommended as it will take almost 10-11 hours to reach the Parashar lake. But, the good part here is that, that the road is super smooth and wide till you reach the town of Chandigarh.

Chandigarh to Mandi:

From Chandigarh, you can take the route to Mandi which will start from Roopnagar and have the towns like these in-between Ghanuali- Kiratpur Sahib- Bilaspur- Barmana- Sundernagar and then Mandi.

After reaching the city of Chandigarh, the road is still smooth till your reach Kiratpur Sahib and it is from here you will get the first sight of hills.

From here on, you can expect the roads to be a little bumpy and will remain like that until you reach the town of Mandi. From reaching Mandi, you will have to cover places Mandi-Bijani-Kamand-Biaggi and then finally the Parashar lake.

What to do at Parashar lake?

If you are an adventure seeker soul, you can opt for trekking and camping activities. Else, you can simply do nothing and enjoy the mesmerizing scenic view of the lake that is capable of taking your stress levels down.

It will surely calm your tiring and aching muscles and rejuvenate your mind and soul for the better.


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