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Pawna Lake: This Place is a gift of Nature to Adventure Lovers


Pawna lake is situated towards the outskirts of beautiful hill station Lonavala. It is a manmade reservoir which is formed by the water of its namesake dam.

This beautiful artificial lake is popular for picnic and leisure spot among travellers.

Nature lovers feel so exotic at this place and this lake is also a gift for those people who want to spend some time in the lap of nature.

If you want to spend some time with your loved ones then you must come to Pawna lake. At this place, you can also visit some historical forts which are associated with great warriors.

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Best time to visit Pawna Dam

Best months to visit Pawna lake are January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December.

These months are considered an excellent time to visit Pawna lake and experience its beauty between the hilly mountains. At this lake, visitors can experience pretty sunsets, green pastures, lofty hills and clean air.

How to reach Pawna lake

  1. Mumbai (by Express train) – Lonavla (By private jeep) – Pawna Lake
  2. Pune (by local train) – Kamshet (by private jeep) – Pawna Lake

Once you reach Kamshet or Lonavla by train, then you need to hire a jeep to reach Pawna lake. People who are coming from Mumbai should take jeeps outside from Lonavla station. Apart from that, If you are coming from Pune then hire a private jeep outside the Kamshet railway station.  All camps of Pawna are 17 to 22 kilometres far from Lonavla or Kamshet.

Pawna lake distance from Lonavla Railway station – 15 km

Visited from: Lonavla railway station

Duration: 1-2 hours

Transportation options: Bus/Cab

Entry fee: 50 Rs per person.

Treks near Pawna lake Lonavla

At Pawna lake tourists can also enjoy the trekking and camping. This place offers the enjoyment of bonfire with your friends at night and remembering the old memories of life. You can easily go for Pawna lake camping as it is just 68 km and 33 km away from the hill station of Lonavala.

The beautiful Pawna lake is surrounded by the historical forts like Tikona fort, Lohagarh and Visapur and trekkers can enjoy the treks of these popular forts.

This place is a more popular destination among trekkers, adventure lovers and campers. River rafting and boating facility are also available at Pawna lake. For river rafting and sightseeing, Kolad is the ideal place.

Things to do in Pawna lake

There are many places to visit near Pawna lake. Here you can visit many historical places like Lohagarh fort, Visapur Fort, Bhaja caves, Tikona fort, Tung fort, Karla caves, Korigad fort. Tourists also like Temple pilots paragliding, Narayani Dham Temple, Western Ghats, Della adventure park, Lion’s point, Nirvana adventures, Tiger’s leap, Ekvira Devi temple, Wet n Joy water park, Nagphani, Bhushi Dam, Tungarli Lake, Dinosaurs park, shooting point, Reversing station etc.

Pawna lake camping is very famous in Mumbai and Pune. It’s pristine and untouched beauty attracts many people and now it became a favourite place of nature and adventures seekers. This place is untouched by pollution and hustle bustle of cities.

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