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Top 10 Free and Affordable Online Therapy Sites & Apps


In the past, seeking mental health help was associated with a vast number of stigmas which once prevented many individuals from getting the therapy they needed. However, with the expansion of technology, new resources have been made available for people who have access to the Internet through their smart devices, phones, computers, and tablets

Online websites have been designed that serve as portals for individuals to attain free and affordable counseling and therapy services to suit any of their mental health needs and budgets. These platforms enable patients to be matched to and connect with thousands of licensed counselors and therapists who provide their services through web chat, forums, direct mail, phone and video chat.

If you need someone to talk to and want to forgo the hassle, excess cost and time-consumption of receiving therapy through in-office visits, you can try some of these websites online that can supply you with effective therapy services.

Free Online Therapy Sites

If you are on a budget or do not have insurance or the pocket cash to spend on expensive therapy and counseling services, there are quite a few in this list that are completely, 100% FREE of charge and that have garnered positive ratings and feedback for providing counseling to those who want to opt for online mental health care.

Psych Central Forums

PsychCental.com is a massive platform online that assists patients in being connected to a qualified therapist. They have therapists and counselors everywhere that you can select. Additionally, they have tons of helpful information regarding all types of mental health issues.

If you are not ready to undergo therapy, you can utilize their forum which addresses an array of mental health topics such as anxiety, addiction, depression, and more. You can interact with others as this forum is active every day of the year 24/7.

7 Cups

7 Cups is another online therapy portal that offers many various options for a person to select from. They have an app that consists of over 160K licensed therapists and trained staff who listen and can give you support that is available in nearly 189 countries and 150 languages. Talking to one of their “listeners” at no cost as this service is 100% free of cost. They do offer paid subscriptions that run from $12.99- $150.00 which cover services offered by licensed counselors that can be communicated with through online means such as chat, direct message, and video.


All peer to peer therapy services offered through iPrevail are completely free. You can create an account, fill out the questionnaire, and then chat with a specialist at any time. iPrevail has received large recognition for providing free quality counseling services that reap unprecedented success-rates in comparison to in office visits with a therapist/counselor.


Huddle is limited to Apple devices and computers and works through an application that can be downloaded. It utilizes video to help people connect and share with others safely. Huddle is not a direct type of therapy, but it does enable users to connect with others and to gain support through others in their specified groups who are suffering from mental health problems related to anxiety, depression, physical disability, addiction, and more.

Blah Therapy

Blah Therapy is a counseling/therapy website that provides both free and paid options for those who need help. Their free services allow you to maintain privacy and to speak with a person via chat or just to vent. There may be some wait times to chat with someone, but someone is available 24/7. If you want to speak with a trained therapist, you can pay a small surcharge for help anytime you need.

If you can afford it, there are many online therapy websites that offer paid subscriptions to patients needing counseling. This option has an abundance of benefits – one mainly being that online therapy is much less expensive than in office therapy hands-down.


After completing the sign-up process and answering some questions related to your goals, preferences and needs for seeking therapy through Talkspace, you will be matched with a licensed counselor. You can pay a flat fee per session or choose a weekly subscription that is billed in monthly increments that gives you unlimited communication with your counselor. The Better Business Bureau shows that Talkspace has an A+ rating.


Larkr consists of an IOS application that boasts features for self-help and also therapist-matching that can be paid for to speak with a therapist. A person can choose from the list of recommended therapists. At any time, a patient may also switch or change therapists. All sessions are video chat and there is a flat-rate fee of $85 for 50 minutes.


Online-Therapy.com has a nice website specifically designed for easy navigation and packed to the brim with assistance from behavioral therapists, consultant therapists and other staff members who collaborate to offer patients superior support.

Therapy plans start at $39.95 a week and include information & resources, daily communication with your counselor (no weekends), journal, activity plans, access to a forum and tests for tracking your progress


Breakthrough is a platform where you can choose your own therapists – however unlike many of the other therapy sites, Breakthrough does not match you with a therapist. You can choose when you want to have your sessions by an interactive calendar that enables you to schedule your own appointments. You can use several communication preferences such as messaging, chat, video or phone.


BetterHelp is by far the most recognizable and popular of the online therapy sites that exist. You can choose to retain your anonymity when speaking to a counselor that you have been matched with and decide to select.

BetterHelp counselors are more than qualified and are licensed and certified in their practice specialty and field. Not only does it have an unprecedented reputation for delivering high-quality therapy services, but it is also rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Bottom Line: Top 10 Free & Affordable Online Therapy Sites

Acquiring mental health care has not always been simple, but with the advancement of online therapy websites – seeking counseling or therapy has been made to be much easier than in the past. Online therapy sites such as the ones mentioned above offer a patient a plethora of benefits and are highly effective.

If you find yourself not wanting to seek in-office visits or having a difficult time feeling embarrassed or ashamed to talk to someone, you may want to opt for the privacy, affordability, and convenience of utilizing an online therapy service such as the ones listed above.


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