Our health care, the medical industry is losing patients everyday according to an estimation round about 500 patients per day lose their lives. Several causes ended up resulting in such a horrible situation. More than 500 patients killed every day in hospitals due to errors, infections, accidents,and lack of resources. At the same time, the people paying for all the resources in health care centers lose patience.

The listing below some of the major problems a health care, the medical system is facing today.

Some Major Problems in Health care, Medical Industry 1

Lack of Healthcare coworkers

Because health care centers have so many open positions for freshly graduate doctors after the new doctors or medical staff are hired they have no other option to go to any other center. Every health care company is hiring new staff;therefore, this hiring also results in some major issues:

  • On an average several health care companies, require 4-5 years of experience before starting working.
  • Most companies claim that they pay more for new hiring.

Long Working Hours

The lack of workers in health care centers creates problems for those who already hired in those centers. The hired workers have to work for long hours due to a shortage of coworkers. The companies having already existing workers demand them to work for long hours as a result; the workers leave the health care centers, which results in the turnover of the company.

More People need Health care

As the population of the world is increasing drastically so do the needs of the people for health care. Every person wants the complete and affordable medical checkup and treatment; this creates a great problem for the medical industry.

Extreme Costs for Advanced studies

There is no wonder that how expensive the higher secondary education is. It is obvious that studies for a medical career are more expensive than other fields of studies. Therefore, many parents or even independent students cannot afford to peruse their dream to become a doctor.

Health care reform isn’t dead, it is more complicated

Policymakers at the state level are making decisions about the healthcare reforms that if they have enacted. Health care organizations doing business in several states should be strengthened. As the organizations become strong enough, therefore, their way of working and performing tasks changed. It has become more complicated.

Medicare advantages increased

The other issue in this regard is that the organizations raised the healthcare advantages in the medical industry. As this is only for people and the industry has to provide all the services,therefore, it proved as a drawback for the medical industry serving various organizations.

The healthcare industry tackle Opioid Crisis

Keeping eye on the patient and the factors that show their behavior could be helpful to stop new opioid patients. The use of care management program from other areas such as cancer center can be helpful in this respect also.

The Social Determinant a forefront

The states have pushed the organizations of the medical industry to raise or change the social funding programs, which raised the problems further to an extent. Taking responsibilities for hiring the employees and recruiting members have aided many medical industries to grow themselves. However, 78 percent of the providers claimed that they have no proper equipment or data to recognize the patient’s need.

Lack of Transparency

In health care centers, the lack of transparency is another major issue to have a look on. Most of the organizations pay no attention to the cleanliness of the apparatus and the safe use of other equipment for the surgeries.

Solutions to the problems of Medical Industry

There is always a solution for every problem a medical industry facing now a day. Here are some prominent solutions:

  • Regardless of hiring workers based on 4-5 years of experience, the companies should develop some strategies instead. The companies may start internship plans and can hire fresh graduates on this base.
  • The centers should make timetable or schedule for every existing employee so that all the workers can work by spending time equally.
  • The health care professionals encourage patients for a pure and healthy lifestyle they are dreaming.
  • For those students who cannot afford study of medical science, the institutes should start scholarship programs as health science scholarships for those students. Therefore, they can easily enroll themselves as a medical student.
  • To keep medical staff sharp there is a need to create awareness with the help of seminars, webinars,and educational opportunities.
  • Communicate with the patients properly to know exactly how they are feeling in the current situation.
  • Connect with the people that are involved in the policy-making sector for the proper working and functioning of the industry.


This article explains the detailed study of the problems a healthcare center face. The major problems mostly related to the environment, the facilities and the staff. Due to lack of staff in the hospitals, the current staff has to spend long hours in the hospital that become a major cause of lack of staff. Several solutions provided for the proper functioning.

This post was written by Maria Zahid of atcmedical.com


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