A healthy diet is often said to be the secret of a healthy body and your oral health is no exception to that. In fact, it is said that, as far as your teeth are concerned, you really are what you eat.

Healthy teeth are one of the best yardsticks of great overall health. That is why whether you are eating a sufficient amount of quality foods or not is also measured by the condition of your pearly whites.

Hence taking care of your teeth and paying proper attention to your mouth is mandatory. The problem, however, lies in the fact that most people are not aware of the truly nutritious foods that have proven to be beneficial for the teeth and should be consumed more often for enhancing the strength of the teeth enamel.

5 Common Foods That Strengthen Teeth Enamel 1

So here is list of foods that you should include in your diet more often to make your teeth strong and healthy. Just read on.

  • Dairy Products – Dairy contains good amount of phosphorus and calcium. Therefore, consuming the dairy products like milk, cheese, kefir and yoghurt can strengthen the teeth. These foods are not only responsible for strengthening the enamel, but they help with remineralization of the teeth as well. Not only that, eating dairy products also enhances the production of saliva in the mouth and hence protect the teeth from bacteria and maintain the pH level of the mouth. If you are lactose intolerant then you should opt for enriched soy milk that consists of added calcium and offers similar benefits.
  • Avocado – Avocado happens to be one of the most popular food items in recent times and even restaurants, these days, offer special avocado dishes. While it is gaining popularity recently as a delectable and nutritious food, the health freaks have been enjoying this for years. Avocado can contribute towards the betterment of your overall health and it is equally impactful for your dental health. The flesh of avocado is full of prebiotic fiber that promotes the healthier digestion. The probiotic bacteria present in the gut and oral microbiome are fed with this type of fiber. For the overall health and development, healthier digestion is absolutely necessary. There are more fiber contents in the dark green Haas variety of avocados. The avocados are full of vital fatty acids apart from the beneficial fibers. These help to absorb the fat-soluble nutrient vitamins K1 and E. The healthy fats can keep you fuller for a prolonged time. The avocados also contain vitamin C, folate, vitamin B5, potassium and Vitamin B6.
  • Animal Proteins – The animal proteins are usually rich in phosphorus which is a mineral that keeps the tooth enamel healthy. Pairing up the phosphorus with calcium and vitamin D are especially effective. Chicken and beef are both great animal proteins to add to your diet. Tofu can come to your rescue, in this regard, if you are a vegetarian. This is because it also contains magnesium and calcium apart from a lot of protein.
  • Leafy Greens – The leafy greens always find their way to the healthy foods list. They consist of high quantities of vitamins and minerals that are low in calories. Oral health is also promoted by the kale and spinach. They are rich in calcium that builds the enamel of the teeth. They also consist of folic acid which is a type of vitamin B that has numerous health benefits which include even the possibility of treating gum disease in pregnant women. So, if you do not like green leafy veggies you can just perk up your favorite dishes by throwing some kale on your next pizza or adding a handful of baby spinach to your salad.
  • Garlic – Garlic is known for its beneficial effects on the body and teeth. Apart from making your food delicious it is also great for your teeth. Garlic is full of the antibacterial properties. The primary reason for this is the presence of a component called allicin in garlic. This is where the feared bad breath of garlic comes from. But it is this allicin the makes garlic antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. The oral flora imbalance is also seen to be resisted by garlic. This is done by controlling the harmful bacteria responsible for causing the oral ailments like gum disease ad cavities. The prebiotic fiber is also contained in garlic that is beneficial for making the teeth strong. This will help the health of gut, too and a healthy gut always promotes healthy teeth and gums. So, from now on add garlic to your soup, salad dressings, stews and pastas and treat yourself with the extensive beneficial properties of garlic.

Apart from eating healthy you also need to adhere to regular oral hygiene that include brushing and flossing and going for an appointment with the best dentists at the most reputed dental hospitals in Hyderabad at least twice a year in order to ensure that you have strong and healthy teeth which will enable you to flaunt a beautiful smile year after year.



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