Magnificent Daulatabad Fort Maharashtra

The Most Magnificent Daulatabad Fort of 12th century stands on a hill in Daulatabad city Maharashtra, It was built by  Raja Bhillamraj once generally known as 'Devgiri', In the beginning a Yadav stronghold, it passed with the hands involving several dynasties inside Deccan. Muhamad Tughlaq, Sultan of Delhi gave name this “Daulatabad’ (city of fortune).
Daulatabad Fort
Daulatabad Fort 
Mohammad Tughlaq ascended to the throne of Delhi; he has been so taken with the fort that they decided to move his capital there, renaming this Daulatabad, "the Metropolis of Fortune". He ordered to entire population of Delhi to move in their new capital.

Daulatabad Fort, a rock-hewn fort dominating the actual landscape, from your 600 toes high mesa-like ripped terrain, is 14 kilometer faraway from Aurangabad Metropolis. Daulatabad fort is one of the world's best preserved fortresses, survived without being changed. Daulatabad fort is said to be in possession of only the cheating. Mystery, awe, a series of lounge Fort endless path curved, like a dragon. Here push enemies were blazing torches. As discussed in the mix or hot oil poured down his path. The fort itself is contained in the body of an isolated hill; Steep hill - aggressive troops could scale the height falling so fast on the sides of the ditch the elevation scale.

Daulatabad Fort
Daulatabad Fort 
Things That You Should Know
  1. The actual circumference of the outer wall of the fort can be 2. 80 miles (4. 43 km)
  2. You will find three lines of defenses involving the upper fort and also the base
  3. Haud is a great attraction of a Daulatabad. The width and length of Hathi Haud is 47.75 meters and 46.75 m and 6.61 m in depth.
  4. Bharat Mata temple has two gates, one on the north side and the other is east. The temple width is 72.80 m North-South and 87.14 m East-West.
  5. Alau-ud-din-Bahmani (Sultan Ahmad Shah 2) was built Chand Minar in 1447 AD. The base measures 21 meters in circumference and 70 meters in height.
  6. Andheri is a whirling dark path. It was built as a defence mechanism and was never captured.
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The Most Magnificent  Daulatabad Fort of 12th century stands on a hill in  Daulatabad city Maharashtra , It was built by  Raja Bhillamra...


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