The tomb of Adam Khan is Normally known as a Bhool Bhulaiya and is located just in the back of the well known structure, Qutub Minar which in turn faces the bus stand in Mehrauli, Delhi. Bhool Bhulaiya basically means labyrinth or even maze. Adam Khan served as being a general in the Mughal army throughout the reign of Akabar, the eminent Mughal Emperor. The spot or somewhat the structure is offered imperative significance since it is believed that once a complete lot of wedding guests taking shelter in the Bhool Bhulaiya went missing in it. The structure is surrounded with thick woodlands of Qila Rai Pithora or Lal Kot, like another historical fort.

Bhool Bhulaiya
Bhool Bhulaiya


Architectural Importance

Bhool Bhulaiya is regarded as an amazing monument and is thought to be among the few structures which might be known for you to presently survive from the age of Akbar. Bhool Bhulaiya is usually identified as a monument with amazing design of architecture and is thus, often known as a brilliant. The mausoleum is a contraction tall in the fortification of your age-old Rajput fort, Lal Kot. The mausoleum is usually huge as well as octagonal in design and incorporates a sole, vast dome. The mausoleum is usually learnt to obtain been constructed relative to the Lodhi along with Sayyid routine of buildings. The monument is usually 5 meters high with small minarets designed into all the eight facets. The tomb uses grey shaded sandstone on the top of dome has been developed with red shaded sandstone. A gallery goes on each one of the sides permeated by about three apertures. There are many passages or even rather corridors which become a maze. The major hall sections of the mausoleum households the reinstated grave of Adam Khan because original grave was destroyed. The tomb additionally includes the grave of  Adam Khan’s mother but the exact location of many experts has presently missing. An important feature with the monument which is worth noting is the design with the mausoleum. The visible octagonal routine was really unlikely in comparison with the Mughal structure of buildings during that era. It is believed an octagonal pattern was perhaps assigned towards tomb with the traitors or even conspirators. The octagonal routine was observed as a widespread characteristic present in the mausoleums with the earlier Lodhi dynasty along with Sur dynasty which are perceived as betrayers from the Mughals.

Traditional Significance

Adam Khan's Tomb
Adam Khan’s tomb
The tomb was constructed in the year 1561 AD and is on the northern side with the Qutub Minar in Mehrauli, Delhi. The structure is thought to be a monument of great historic significance and is thus, presently guarded from the Archaeological Customer survey of Indian (ASI). Adam Khan was the son of Akbar’s engender mother, Maham Anga as well as was the traitor as he designed the delivery of Ataga Khan, another general who was simply Akbar’s recommended. Akbar, on knowing in regards to the grave conspiracy, ordered the execution of Adam Khan as well as he was twice pushed through the summit with the Agra Fort and Which generated leaving their mother mentally instable. Maham Anga furthermore died due to her boy’s grief barely just a month possibly even of their death. Akbar and then had this kind of structure erected in the remembrance of Maham Anga as well as Adam Khan. During the period of 1830, the British public named Blake migrated away the graves of Adam Khan as well as Maham Anga though transforming the mausoleum in to his residence. It was later on used as being a post place of work, police station and in many cases as the resting house from the British as well as was in the future restored in the instructions of Viceroy Master Curzon. The actual restoration of Adam Khan’s tomb was completed successfully nonetheless, the same has not been possible pertaining to Maham Anga’s grave.


  1. I have seen it since 1970. In those days it was open and there was a strong rumour that a large detachment of British soldiers was lost in the librynth of mazes of Adamn Khan Tomb, while investigating the mazes.. Later on the way to the mazes was closed. But we used to go to the roof the tomb and there was another labrynth on the upper floor. We used to traverse it and played hide and seek. But, it was though exciting but not so mysterious. Loved those days when you could climb stairs of even quatab minar easily. No restrictions or ticketing was there. Thee is also another interesting structure known as Kali Jamali, a majestic structure lovely places. Mehrauli is full of such historical heritage numerous monuments and places. Lal Kot surrounding Adam Khan Tomb, another fort ruins. Also called Kila Rai Pithora or Prithvi Raj Chauhan ka Kila. Amazing places.



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