5 Most Romantic Places to Honeymoon in World

Choosing a Honeymoon destination is a big problem for many young couples who just got married. Many companies that provide honeymoon packages with different variations, in both terms of price and facilities. But the main thing is how you can get a romantic environment while enjoying your honeymoon. The following are the 5 most romantic places to honeymoon.

1. Carribben Islands

Carribben Islands
Carribben Islands
Many describe a romantic honeymoon as the time for you to spend time with your partner on a beautiful tropical island. Therefore, the Caribbean islands are the correct answer to meet your desires. This place is located in the South East of America. Place that might about be called a paradise in the world will provide a comfortable atmosphere on the waterfront with brilliant climate. There you will be offered a cruise to enjoy the beautiful waters of the Caribbean approximately weekly in the summer. Apart from all that, there are many other things you can do, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, or surfing.
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2. The Mediterranean Coast

Perhaps Europe is a continent with many romantic destinations, bustling city, and tourists are plentiful. But among the many places, there are two most romantic places that you must visit during honeymoon with your partner. The two places are Venice and the Greek islands.
The Mediterranean Coast
Venice is a city that which is considered as the most romantic city to be a honeymoon destination for more people in the world. There are many important points that are often used as a destination to spend time together, one of which is Venice Bridge. Many have dreamed of getting kiss from his partner on the bridge. However, you should choose the right time to be able to get the ideal setting, such as at the end of the European spring, or early fall, such as May, June, September, and October.
Greek Islands like magic that will make any couple fall in love in there. Island of Mykonos, Corfu, and Santorini are just a few places that have villa with a white theme, clear water and green pastures that are perfect for your honeymoon destination. Mykonos and Corfu has an impressive landscape where there are traditional villages, interesting architecture, and food that tempt your appetite. In fact, Santorini is considered as the place that has the best sunset views in the world.
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3. Asia
There are too many places to choose from countless serve destinations in Asia. Korea, China, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mauritius, the Philippines, India, and Indonesia are some places that captivate and have the best service for your visit. There, you and your partner will enjoy your honeymoon stopover in some places such as Kashmir, the Great Wall of China, the Maldives, and the romantic and memorable Bali Island with its culture and exotic food that will make your unforgettable honeymoon.
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4. Fiji

Fiji is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, was awarded with hundreds of tropical beautiful islands you’ve probably never seen before. Your eyes will get used to the view of the green mountain peaks, white beaches, and incredible ocean. There, you are not only satisfied by the beautiful nature of Fiji, but also world-class food that is ready to be enjoyed in the capital of Viti Levu, or see the native animals of the Garden Isle Island. Romantic atmosphere as it is the most perfect thing that will make your honeymoon more memorable.
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5. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of a romantic honeymoon destination. There lies so beautiful coastline with clear white sand, majestic volcanoes, and friendly locals. You can enjoy an exotic atmosphere that adds to the excitement you and your spouse to live a honeymoon. In addition to the above, there are many activities that you can enjoy together, such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, volcano tours, mountain biking, and snorkeling. You will also be presented with a traditional Polynesian feast which contains dance, music, and exotic foods.
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The above are just a small part of romantic places that can be your honeymoon reference to be spent with family. By knowing descriptions of romantic places above, I hope you are not wrong in choosing your honeymoon destination.
5 Most Romantic Places to Honeymoon in World Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
Choosing a Honeymoon destination is a big problem for many young couples who just got married. Many companies that provide honeymoon pa...


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