8 Popular Haunted Place In India Where People Avoid To Visit In Night

1. GP block - Meerut

GP block - Haunted places in Meerut
GP Block- Meerut
Although not popular, GP block in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh has been known as a haunted place. On a number of times, four boys have been seen sitting in the house with a candle lighted and drinking beer. It happens to be the most general sight for people passing near that area. Few of them also said that they have even seen a girl in red dress appearing out of the home. This is a double-storied house and some people have seen the boy sitting on the roof-top. Now People have stopped going away to that place.

2. Delhi – Delhi Cantt

Delhi Cantt most popular haunted places in Delhi
Delhi Cantt.
Delhi capitals of India also have some hunted place. The most hunted place in Delhi is Delhi Cantt area which is packed with green and lush trees. Mostly times, people have seen a lady in white sari requesting for lift. If you don’t stop your car, she will start running fast with the equal speed and believe it or not, people have said her reaching before of them. This story has been doing the repeating even as now. Some people say that possibly the woman was a hitchhiker as alive; hence she waves at alone passerby to stop.

3. Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Haunted place in Pune Shaniwar wada fort
Shaniwarwada Fort
It’s said that in Full Moon nights are very haunted in Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune. As per to an old story, this Shaniwarwada fort is haunted by the ghost of a prince who was brutally assassinated when he was 13 year old by one of his relative. His ghost can be heard shrieking in the middle of the night.

4. Thane – Vrindavan Society

 Vrindavan Society hunted place in thane
Vrindaven Society
It is believed that a man had committed suicide from a building in Vrindavan Society (building No.66 B).The security guards rounding the area have appeared across weird activities. Once a guard was hit so hard that he get up from his chair and slap the other guard who was close him thinking he was the one who slap him.

5. D`Souza Chawl of Mahim, Mumbai

D`souza Chawl Mahim haunted place in mumbai
D'Souza Chawl
A well in the D`souza Chawl Mahim area also famous as a haunted place in Mumbai. It is said that a woman, while getting water, fell in the well and died. Several people said to have seen the ghostly spirit of that woman close to the well throughout nights. She is also said to be not dangerous.

6. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas haunted Beach, Gujarat
Dumas Beach
Famous beautiful Dumas Beach in Gujarat has lots of stories to tell about spirit. If we go on the story, Hindus religion burn their dead bodies on this beach, and this area has been claimed many of times for its unnatural activities. People have report feeling like hearing strange rumor on Dumas beach. It`s like the storm around this area is many of spirits of dead people. Some visitors have been even known to have disappeared as taking walk on the beach at night time.

7. Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Dow Hill, Kurseong most famous haunted place in West Bengal
Dow Hill 
A many of murders have in use place in the Dow Hill forest that has left a strange feeling in the environment. Lots of people nearby this area also hear footsteps in the corridor of Victoria Boys School throughout the December-March vacations. Woodcutters said to have seen a young boy without head walking and then suddenly disappear into the trees. All these stories make this area most haunted places in India.

8. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

 Bhangarh Fort top 10 haunted places in Rajasthan
Bhangarh Fort
Bhangarh, a deserted city in Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort was built by King Madho Singh, son of Mughal ruler, Man Singh of Amber in 1613. Bhangarh was abandoned immediately after being created and after it had been cursed by a magician supposedly. In ignorance Ajab Singh, the grandson of Madho Singh, raised the palace to such a height that the shadow reached the forbidden place. Consequently the devastation of complete village of Bhangarh happened. Local villagers say that every time a house is made there its roof collapses. People say that nobody returned who stayed there at night. And the Archaeological Study of India (ASI) signal board put up right now there says, "Staying after sunset is usually strictly prohibited in this location."
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1. GP block - Meerut GP Block- Meerut Although not popular, GP block in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh has been known as a haunted ...


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