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5 Most Popular Beaches In Goa, That Will Make Your Vacation Memorable!!

India Beaches became most popular among the tourists recently, the popularity of the beach destinations is quickly gaining popularity. It adds to the relatively low cost of tours, and 100% guarantee of getting the aesthetic pleasure of an exotic edge. The most popular places for tourists are the resorts of Goa. The most suitable time for the tour - October to March.

1. Baga Beach
Baga Beach Tourist Destination in Goa
Baga Beach
Beach called Baga is in an exceptional location: North Goa, not too far from the capital city of Panaji and Mapuzy. This beach is adjacent to the southern beach of Calangute, but to the north of it flows the river that separates it and the beach of Anjuna.

With its excellent service Baga Beach, which is always at the height of all its visitors a unique opportunity to really have fun and really feel the heavenly pleasure of spending time! It is here that you can taste the most exciting water sports, among which are: a banana, a scooter, a parachute. At the same time for lovers of elegance on the beach, there are restaurants with delicious food and great views. If you prefer to relax at night, then, in this case, the Baga beach will surprise you with one of the most popular dance floors Goa is here (club called "Titos").

2. Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach- vacation Spot in india
Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches located on the southern coast of Goa. In this part of the Goan coast there is a large number of tourists and noisy nightlife. The beach itself is shaped like a crescent, a length of about three kilometers, surrounded by palm trees leaning huge fan-shaped leaves of the small white and golden sand, it is considered the best place for a relaxing family holiday. Shallow depth is a big plus when choosing a vacation spot for families with children.

3. Calangute Beach
Calangute Beach- places to visit in India
Calangute Beach
Calangute is a small town, which is located on the territory of the northern coast of Goa. Local beaches are very crowded and noisy, but there is no problem with meals. Calangute Beach is very old and quite broad. Resort Calangute is located not far from other beaches, which are much quieter and it allows tourists to relax at the same time in several cities. In addition, the prices are quite low and the local administration does not interest them to pick up.
The climate Calangute is no different from other states of the climate. Beach season here lasts from November to March. At this time there is no rain, and the air temperature composes 33 degrees Celsius. Season of December to January, the most attractive for European tourists. But the price of food and shelter in these months is very high!

4. Ashvem Beach
Ashvem beach- Tourist Destination in Goa
Ashvem Beach
Even today, Ashvem Beach is one of the most sparsely populated and quiet places in North Goa and it is spacious, special silence and almost deserted coast, with fine and light sand, with almost no rocks, so characteristic of another Goa beaches. On the banks of Ashwem comfortably housed dozens of small restaurants and cafes to suit every taste and pocket. Almost immediately behind the beach spread shady palm groves with private houses and bungalows designed for tourists. It is recognized that the more beautiful and cleaner beaches are not found all over North Goa. Usually Ashvem, primarily chosen by those who seek to spend their holidays in peace and without too much fuss.
On a quiet coast Ashwem you hospitably offers comfortable cottages, the interior of which is decorated by a professional designer. Each house bears the plaque of Indian identity and their surroundings can be found truly antique elements, which create a special atmosphere in the house.

Other Popular Beaches  In Goa
  1. Querim Beach, North Goa
  2. Mandrem Beach, North Goa
  3. Arambol Beach, North Goa
  4. Morjim Beach, North Goa
  5. Vagator Beach, North Goa
  6. Sinquerim Beach
  7. Miramar Beach
  8. Dona Paula Beach, near Panaji
  9. Siridao Beach
  10. Majorda Beach
  11. Betalbatim Beach
  12. Colva Beach
  13. Benaulim Beach
  14. Cavelossim Beach
  15. Mobor Beach
  16. Betul Beach
  17. Agonda Beach, South Goa
  18. Butterfly Beach, South Goa
  19. Patnem Beach
  20. Talpona Beach, South Goa
  21. Galgibaga Beach
  22. Polem Beach, South Goa
  23. Kakolem Beach
  24. Hollant Beach
  25. Velsao Beach

5 Most Popular Beaches In Goa, That Will Make Your Vacation Memorable!! Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
India Beaches became most popular among the tourists recently, the popularity of the beach destinations is quickly gaining popularity. I...

Top 8 Popular Tourist Destinations | Adventure Place in Goa

Famous Places
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Sun, discos, sand, liquor, cruises, seafood, casinos, beach, water sports-if you can experience all these nearby you, then you are in Goa .Situated in the western part of India, Goa is one of the most famous tourist destinations which is visit by tourists from all over the world. This state spread with the Arabian Sea and is popular for its huge beach. If you want some adventure or just want to relax on the shore, then this is the best holiday destination for you.

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Goa:

1. Agonda Beach

goa important places to visit

Agonda Beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa and is favorite for those people who want to spend some time far from the crowd. A peaceful and serene shore, you can also take pleasure some local foods on the beach here.

2. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

visiting spots in goa

Jeep rides take you to the wonderful waterfall and you can realize some lush greenery around you. It is a peaceful and a charming destination in Goa and you must visit.

3. Baga Beach
places to visit in goa

Baga Beach is a very a famous beach in Goa and a favorite between tourists. It is a very beautiful beach where you could enjoy thrilling water sports. Also try the local Goa food at the many shacks here

4. Fort Aguada

list of places in goa

Fort Aguada famous as an old fort in Goa, gives you a clear view of the Arabian Sea. This fort has several historical importance also and definitely calls for some beautiful pictures to be clicked for taken back home.

5. Mangeshi Temple

places worth visiting in goa

A temple in Panaji, Mangeshi temple, is devoted to the Lord Shiva. This temple for those person who looking to spend some calm time and seek the blessing of the God.

6. Casino Royale

site seeing places in goa

You can try your luck by betting on various casino games in Casino Royale Goa. It is a very popular tourist destination which provides you a five star experience. The food and games here is definitely going to let you have a celebration time.

7. Anjuna Market

tourist places in goa to visit

A tour to Goa is not competing without shopping in flea markets Goa. Buy some artificial jewelry piece and cloth eats a vast bargain here. A colorful market in Goa, Anjuna market, is surely a must visit if you  love shopping.

8. Dona Paula Beach

site seeing places in goa

Dona Paula beach provides you a 360 degree view of the Arabian ocean. You can also enjoy water sport here

Go in Goa on your next holiday and relax yourself in its beauty. The destination has something for everyone. Whether you are an exciting freak, a party person or just want some time far from your routine life and relax, Goa is the wonderful destination for every type of tourist.

Top 8 Popular Tourist Destinations | Adventure Place in Goa Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
Famous Places Rated 5.0 /5 based on 10000 customer reviews Sun, discos, sand, liquor, cruises, seafood, casinos, beach, water spo...

Top Beach Party Destinations In Goa

Goa is known as a party capital of India. There are a many happening and famous party beaches in Goa, which is extremely much captivated by numerous tourists from worldwide. The Goa is popular for entertainment, crowd, voyage sports, drinking water sports, audio, for example. Goa is also known for its scenery and greenery. It offers rich plant life and animals as it is located about Western Ghats. Goa’s capital of Panaji.

Best Visitor Beaches for Vacations:

Anjuna beach

This beach is situated in Bardez Taluka, and it is 18 kms from Panaji. This beach is a part of Arabian Marine, which become popular coupled western shore of Goa.
Anjuna-Beach-Nightlife. This beach is a popular tourist spot in December, tourist come here during Christmas and New Year, for full-moon parties. This is the Best time to visit this beach as a huge number of tourist from all over the world gather here for most amazing beach parties.

Candolim Beach Goa

Candolim beach is situated in north Goa, which is 15 kms far from Panjim. It is one of the biggest beaches in Goa, which starts at Fort Aguada and its other end with Calangute beach. If one wants silence and peace then this is the best tourist destination for you. There are shops and restaurants on the main road near the beach, but there is no any commercial activity available here near beach accepts adventure sports or water sports. This beach is extremely clean and your min gets clean up up as there is silence and calmness all over. The here is the ship water continues to be stuck from its coast line since 2000.

Mandrem Beach

This beach is referred among the most amazing beaches of Goa. This beach is also in north Goa and is also popular due to the scenery as well as greenery. This really is mostly new married couples like because they will get need romantic views and privacy. This beach is well known for fun on holiday as here's nothing to perform or move around but only a small village and may enjoy eating on local meal.

Baga Beach - Goa

This beach is also one of the most popular visitor spots and is famous because of to the sun-set see. It becomes the full party time for vacation during seasons while tourists from all over the world are visit here for adventure sports activities and water sports and much more.

This beach is kind of an eyesight attraction with the tourists from worldwide. During primary season, a giant crowd collects here regarding water sports activities, dolphin cruise ships and in January as well as march, this specific beach furthermore gets discovered with the wind surfing. On a yearly basis around Sept to Nov, wind searching championship is conducted below. This beach is extremely much recognized by tourists the ones from worldwide for it is famous ocean food, night time beach parties as well as night life.

Sunburn and after Night

Sunburn is the most happening and the majority famous festivity conducted in Goa in December. It really is an automated dance audio, in which everywhere over the beach DJ days are presented. Sunburn has changed into a place regarding electronic audio, entertainment, dancing, food and much more. This festivity is gone to by enormous volume of tourists which come specially to attend this festivity.

This festivity is started in the calendar year 2007, and became very famous among tourists due to the dance, audio, food, etc. this festivity is ranked as the ninth very best festival in the world by CNN in '09. Sunburn is among the most going on dance audio and enjoyment party and will be held throughout Goa, from 27th – 29th 12, this year.
While in sunburn, many international DJ’s arrive at Goa and a fully fledged party is being organized by means of them and that is attended by way of large collecting of vacationers from worldwide, every calendar year. Sunburn is the collaboration connected with Indian as well as foreign vacationers, enjoying as well as partying collectively. Crowd from ongoing sunburn in the evening party

DJ Rave Parties

Goa is extremely mush known due to the nightlife as well as night events and group attending those people parties. The lovely view through the night and this view along the beaches and within the moon made people to party through the night also. Essentially the most famous among the parties is rave get together.

These rave parties are much reportedly started by means of hippies. These parties have gotten popular by means of each transferring year. Sooner, Rave parties are recognized for loud audio, alcoholic, boozing and drugs. This offers made this young youth to participate these types of rave events. But using drugs is banned by means of government and known as illegal. So there after, the rave parties at the moment are known regarding live audio performances, meal, music, little bit boozing and occasional sipping.

These rave events are these days, very much in control of the govt. The using alcohol as well as drugs is only allowed throughout Christmas as well as new year, and for other year, standard music or perhaps trance audio is permitted.
Top Beach Party Destinations In Goa Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
Goa is known as a party capital of India. There are a many happening and famous party beaches in Goa, which is extremely much captivat...

Tiracol Fort Best Tourist Place in Goa

After the construction of the Tiracol Fort it was under taken by Ruler Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle. It is a southern Maharashtra Township before entering the Goa and Maharashtra's last city. Historically, many changes occurred in the flag of the fort, in 1746 from the Portuguese occupation to 1961 liberate the territory and by freedom fighters in India to assimilate to be used as base camp.

Tiracol Fort Goa
Tiracol Fort Goa
Currently the tourism value of Tiracol Fort

Tiracol Goa is one of a few unused places, which is completely new for commercialization and is still in its natural form. Many western tourists away from the beach as Tiracol prefer a picnic spot. The fort is built on a mountain peak from the other side of the river from which Karim Tiracol beach can see. It is built on the mouth of the Tirkol River. Don't need to say that there scenes are breathtaking. Visit the Tirkol Castle in the summer time.

How to Reach Tiracol Fort

The fort is comes one of the best tourist places in India. It's located the north side. Panaji, Vasco and in other parts of South Goa are waiting for tourists it is a bit far and so you will have to rent a taxi ride in the city would be too tedious. Though, tourist from Candolim beach, Klngut garden and beach, or between Vagator and Bardez, they can enjoy a short drive after Mapusa. If you are any of these locations, renting motorcycles to economical because you can quickly reach Tirkol. Drive safe Bike because there are other way winding hill paths.
Tiracol Fort Best Tourist Place in Goa Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
After the construction of the Tiracol Fort it was under taken by Ruler Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle. It is a southern Maharashtra Townshi...
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