After the construction of the Tiracol Fort it was under taken by Ruler Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle. It is a southern Maharashtra Township before entering the Goa and Maharashtra’s last city. Historically, many changes occurred in the flag of the fort, in 1746 from the Portuguese occupation to 1961 liberate the territory and by freedom fighters in India to assimilate to be used as base camp.
Tiracol Fort Goa
Tiracol Fort Goa
Currently the tourism value of Tiracol Fort
Tiracol Goa is one of a few unused places, which is completely new for commercialization and is still in its natural form. Many western tourists away from the beach as Tiracol prefer a picnic spot. The fort is built on a mountain peak from the other side of the river from which Karim Tiracol beach can see. It is built on the mouth of the Tirkol River. Don’t need to say that there scenes are breathtaking. Visit the Tirkol Castle in the summer time.
How to Reach Tiracol Fort
The fort is comes one of the best tourist places in India. It’s located the north side. Panaji, Vasco and in other parts of South Goa are waiting for tourists it is a bit far and so you will have to rent a taxi ride in the city would be too tedious. Though, tourist from Candolim beach, Klngut garden and beach, or between Vagator and Bardez, they can enjoy a short drive after Mapusa. If you are any of these locations, renting motorcycles to economical because you can quickly reach Tirkol. Drive safe Bike because there are other way winding hill paths.


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