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Kheerganga Kasol, A Trek with Natural Hot Water Springs

Kheerganga located in Parvati valley dist Kullu & 22kms away from Manikaran Himachal Pradesh India. Offers a numinous journey into forest and Natural Hot water springs. The valley provides beautiful view of the Glacier of Lahaul Spiti and Parvati River. The valley echo of magical power of nature and has lot to thing for the adventures lovers.

Kheer Ganga is not only known for its hot water springs, but also for the holy River Ganga that around the beautiful forests of this place and flow down impishly through the green forests. The trek to Kheerganga is believed to be the most energizing with refreshing views on your path up and post the climb you are pleased with an experience that will forget your all pains and aches after the refreshing bath in the natural hot water spring.

Facts and Tips for Kheerganga Trek:

Hot water spring
Kheerganga considered as a one of the best nature trekking place in Himachal Pradesh India. It is open only seven months a year and highest height you reach is upto 9700 ft. The place is connected by road till Barshaini and it will take approx 6 to 8 hrs to trek. The distance covered is 14 Km on foot.
Best Time: April to November. Though you can reach in winters too but the trails are slippery and very dangerous.
Stay and Accommodation: Kheerganga provides basic lodging in village. There are many options for guest house available to stay during the night and cost as Rs 150 per night per Bed.
Camping: You can camp with your own tents in Kheerganga. It offers some amazing sites to camping. Once you arrive at main area in Kheerganga explore the meadow on to your right.
Food: You should not worry at for food as there are many options like Indian food, Israeli and Continental food. While the serve ambiance is basic one.

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Getting Around Kheer Ganga

Kheerganga is a remote town in Parvati Valley of Kullu district and trek to Kheer Ganga is a hilly spot and involve loads of trekking, walking and hiking.

How to Reach Kheer Ganga

By Air

Pantnagar is a nearest airport to Kheer Ganga, which is around 235 kms to Kheer Ganga. From Pantnagar you can take a bus or a taxi for Barshaini and from here it is an around 11km trek for Kheerganga.

By Rail

Kathgodam is a nearest railway station of Kathgodam, which is around 198kms to Kheer Ganga. From Kathgodam you can take either a bus or a taxi for Barshaini and from there you trek up for Kheer Ganga, which is approx 11kms from Barshaini.

By Bus

The way to Kheer Ganga is properly connected till Barshaini and from Barshaini it is approx 11km trek for Kheer Ganga.

Places around Kheerganga:

Kheerganga is a best getaway destination and can be reached during the night from Chandigarh and some other places in north. One can do many things in around Kheerganga.

  1. Snow line
  2. Pin Parvati Trek
  3. Mantalai Lake
  4. Manikaran.
  5. Kasol. 
Kheerganga Kasol, A Trek with Natural Hot Water Springs Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
Kheerganga located in Parvati valley dist Kullu & 22kms away from Manikaran Himachal Pradesh India. Offers a numinous journey into for...

Bir-Billing World's 2nd Biggest Place for Paragliding | Trekking | Mountain Biking | Camping

Bir-Billing is a village situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Bir is a famous centre for spiritual studies, ecotourism and meditation and it’s adventure sport.

1. Paragliding

Paragliding in Bir-Billing

Bir-Billing popular as Paragliding capital of India, Bir-Billing attracts adventure lovers from all over the world. Hence, may you will spend some best time here with your feet in the air. Best time for paragliding in Bir-Billing is March to May and October to November.

Paragliding in bir billing cost: - Between INR 1800 to 2500 per person

2. Meditation and Nature Walks at Sherab Ling Monastery

Meditation and Nature Walks at Sherab Ling Monastery

The natural beauty of this small town, with a multi-colored Tibetan impression can be taken in and real experienced by talking walk on this place.

3. Hand Gliding

Hand Gliding in bir Billing

Another adventure spot which mostly attracts adventure lovers from all over the world, hand gliding is a popular spot which requires proper training for participate this post. Billing (14 km) is the launch pad for the hand gliders and Bir is the landing site.

4. Bir Tea Factory

Bir billing Tea Factory

This cooperative situated near the Bir-Billing Bazaar, is another popular tourist place in the Bir-Billing.

5. Chokling Monastery

Chokling Monastery in Bir Billing

This is one of the most famous monasteries in Bir Billing and houses an impressive and huge stupa as well as an amazing statue of Padmasambhava. This monastery is situated in the Bir-Billing Tibetan colony.

6. Tibetan Colony

Tibetan Colony In bir Billing

The Tibetan colony is famous for a number of Selling handicrafts as well as local Tibetan food.

How to reach Bir Billing

The airport and railway station nearest to Bir-Billing is in Pathankot, which is 150 kilometers away. Railway station is connected to the all main cities of India and the airport is connected to Kullu and Delhi. One can get a bus or taxi from Pathankot to Bir-Billing.

Local Food and Cuisine of Bir

Bir-Billing, being the most famous tourist destination, it’s offers a number of options to tourists. You can get both Continental and Indian food here, at a price which is very pocket-friendly.

Popular Restaurants in Bir

1. The 4 Tables Cafe and Gallery
Timing: - 9AM- 10PM
Address: - Main Road, Gunehar Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 176077

2. Lhakpa Café
Timing:- 9AM-1PM
Address: - Upper Bir, Main Bazaar

3. Bhawani Guest House
Address: - West End Bir, Upper Bir Rd Bir, Himachal Pradesh 176077

Places to see nearby Bir-Billing

  1. Manali
  2. Mcleodganj       
  3. Kullu
  4. Kasol
  5. Palampur
  6. Dharamsala
Bir-Billing World's 2nd Biggest Place for Paragliding | Trekking | Mountain Biking | Camping Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
Bir-Billing is a village situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Bir is a famous centre for spiritual studies, ecoto...

5 Top Tourist Destination | Places in Kerala that You Must Visit

kerala, in south India, is also known  as "God's Own City". This coastline state is rich in unique traditions and culture, and soulful pure tropical beauty. Most of people, known Kerala for its elephants, traditional temple festivals and the peaceful backwaters. The pace of life is slow, creating Kerala the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation.

Don't miss these top 5 Kerala tourist Destinations.

1.  Fort Kochi

 Fort Kochi places to visit in Kerala

Famous as the "Gateway to Kerala", Kochi is a wonderful city that's had a moderate impact. British, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch have all left their mark here. The historical monument and architecture in Fort Kochi attract mostly visitors of this area.
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2.  Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters in kerala

One of the most peaceful and relaxing thing you can do in Kerala is get a trip in a houseboat with the palm-fringed Kerala aqueduct, popular as the backwaters. Freshly cooked tradition Indian food and chilled beer on the boat make the experience more enjoyable. You can spend the whole night in the middle of a lake. Stay at some nights at a resort or hotel along the backwaters too.
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4.  Varkala

Varkala one of the best beach in India

The location of this Varkala beach is outstanding enough to take your breath taking, with a long winding extend of sea cliff and views that make bigger over the Arabian Sea. A paved path runs with the length of the cliff, quaint shops, bordered by coconut palms, beach shacks, hotels and guest houses.
5.  Wayanad

Wayanad national park

Wayanad is a wonderful green mountainous region that stretches with the Western Ghats. It has a great deal of scenic. Abundant coconut palms, paddy fields thick forests, and lofty peaks form the scenery. Due to the nature of its land, the places also have much to offer adventure lovers. Famous attractions include trekking to Meenmutty Falls and Chembra Peak, climbing to Edakkal Caves, exploring old Jain temples and wildlife spot at Muthanga and Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuaries. Others  highlight of Wayanad is the many wonderful homes stays in the places.
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6.  Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park in Kerala

Periyar make bigger around the banks of a large artificial lake that was created by the dam of the Periyar River in 1895. It has 780 sq. kilometers (approx 485 square miles) of dense hilly forest, with 350 sq. kms (approx 220 square miles) of this being core park land.
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5 Top Tourist Destination | Places in Kerala that You Must Visit Shahid Ali khan 5 of 5
kerala, in south India, is also known  as "God's Own City". This coastline state is rich in unique traditions and cultur...

Best Tourist Spots In Jammu and Kashmir

The view of nature is awesome, as you can never discover a similar to it. The impressive river, royal mountains, dark forests, noisy waterfalls and all that is natural, gorgeous, strange and powerful. A natural around can excite you and challenge you to see the sights its beauties or shock you and make quiet to enjoy its peacefulness. If you are thinking to enjoy the boundless beauties of environment, Kashmir could be the best Destination for you. Kashmir, no can  described beauty of this land , welcome you with its snow covered mountains, pictorial valleys, lakes, wonderful trees, lively flowers and with a range to indulge in many of adventures with water rafting, trekking, canoeing and a other. Here are the top places to visit in Kashmir, your dream destination.

1. Breathtaking Lakes

It may be a wrong if we talk about only one lake and the other ignored as each lakes in Kashmir needs unique mention. Here is a serious effort to provide information about the important lakes of Kashmir.

i.  Dal Lake

Dal Lake tourist destination in jammu
Dal Lake
The second biggest lake in Kashmir, Dal Lake, is one of the best attractions in Kashmir. The view of the lake is surprising with mountains on its three sides and soulful trees on its banks. Houseboats not only offer you a brilliant opportunity to journey the length and breadth of the lake but they also give you unique experience that will stay fresh in your mind for long.
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ii. Nagin Lake

tourist spots in jammu and kashmir
Nagin Lake
Nagin Lake Is contained at the bottom of Zabarwan Mountain. It is a part of the popular Dal Lake. Willow trees and famous trees around the lake. However the lake is smaller as comparison of Dal Lake, It is quiet and nice. The peacefulness of this place, birds flying surrounding and the attractive sunset make magic to the atmosphere.
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iii. Manasbal Lake

honeymoon places in Jammu kashmir
Manasbal Lake
The Lake is located amidst beautiful landscape. On one side is Aha-thung, a small hill and on the opposite side is a plateau. The deepness of the lake makes it more attractive and this is one of the deepest lakes in Kashmir. Located 30 km away from Srinagar, the place is haven for birdwatcher’s as it is home to various river birds. The properly-maintained garden make more beautiful to the lake.

iv. Gangabal Lake

honeymoon destinations in jammu kashmir
Gangabal Lake
Also famous as Gangabal Lake, it is one of the high height lakes in Kashmir. It’s believed as the original source of Ganga. Gangbal trek is believed the most important and holy pilgrimage.
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2. Beautiful Gardens

The whole thing about Kashmir magical beauty. There is thrilling in the air and the gardens of Kashmir take you out of world. Here are some ‘should visit’ gardens in Kashmir.

i. Mughal Gardens

tourist places in jammu and kashmir
Mughal Garden
Mughal Garden is a wonderful exhibit of the Mughal architecture. Three gardens that merge to form the Mughal Gardens contain Chashma Shahi, Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Gardens. Nishat Bagh was put down in 1634 AD. It is located on the bank of Dal Lake. The garden has twelve steps and the last steps linked to Dal Lake. Shalimar Bagh garden is delivered to belong to 6th century AD but it irremeably later.

ii. Pari Mahal

Pari Mahal
Pari Mahal
Build by Dara Shikoh son of Shah Jahan in the year 1650, Pari Mahal is an attractive effort of architecture. It was named after the death of Dara Shukoh’s wife Nadira Begum, who was also known as Pari Begum. Located at the top of hill Zabarwan, the six-step garden overlooks Srinagar.

3. Spectacular Valleys

It is not possible not to provide details about all valleys when we think about Kashmir. Here are the details about most beautiful valleys in Kashmir that are you should not missed on a tour.

i. Drass Valley

Drass Valley places to visit in jammu
Drass Valley
Drass Valley position second in the list of coldest populated places of the world, the first place is Oymyakon in Siberia. Though, the position nowadays looks to have changed contrary to the current list as global warming has pressed back Siberia to the second position and ranks Drass Valley at the First. It is located at a height of 3230 m. being a tight valley with cold storm blowing regularly, Dress is colder than most high places on earth.

ii. Baltal Valley

Baltal Valley
Baltal Valley
Baltal Valley is one of the attractive valleys in Kashmir. Situated on the banks of River Sindh, the valley offers wonderful views. It is located at an altitude of 2743 meter above sea level. It is a famous camp place as pilgrim tents are seen all along the picturesque valley to facilitate the stay of tourists to Amarnath.

iii. Warwan Valley

Warwan Valley
Warwan Valley
Belonging to a part of Kashmir that is not popular, Warwan Valley is located in Kishtwar district, which is at a laces height of nearly 7000 feet above sea level. No imagery can do justice to the dramatic views of waterfall and lush greenery from this height.

The natural beauty of tourist places in Kashmir is beyond compare. it's is comes in one of the best tourist destination in north India. Nature is forever at its best when intact. Though, it is the adventurer in man gets pride in trying to achieve impossible heights. Climbing the peaks which might be the highest on earth is undoubtedly a fantastic achievement nevertheless judging your magnitude regarding nature eludes mankind and may continue to accomplish this. The endeavors, however, bring joy along with a great perception of delight. Plan well to enjoy your expedition to Kashmir so that you could reap the benefits of your trip which offers a life time experience.
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The view of nature is awesome, as you can never discover a similar to it. The impressive river, royal mountains, dark forests, noisy w...

Kangra Fort is a Unique Example of Architecture

Kangra fort comes in one of biggest forts in India situated in Kangra city of Himachal Pradesh. It’s ranked on eight places in the list of largest fort in India. It is built on the slope of a steep hill fort from its manufacturing art has attracted visitors. Situated on the confluence of the rivers Ban Ganga and Majhi (Patal Ganga), on the sharp hill fort is considered the oldest fort in the country. According to historical history the written details of this fort found in 1009. But according to beliefs the fort considered at the time of Mahabharata. According to a fact, the Kangra fort was built in 1500 AD by Susharma Chandra who is the 234th king from royal family. If said about Fusharma, in Mahabharata war he was fight from the side of Kaurvon.

Kangra Fort
History of Kangra Fort

It’s said that due to ear shape of Bhul–Bhulaiya in Fort the fort was called Kangra Fort, from that time it’s called kangra fort. At the time of Hindu kingdom the fort was famous for its architecture and money in Iran, Afghanistan and in other western countries. Ruler of Ghazni Mahmud was came kangra valley for rob money. He was decimate the fort, kangra city and Nagarkoti Temple and robbed gold, silver, pearls and diamond  in very large amount. Mahmud Ghazni appointed his army in the fort. Tomar rulers of Delhi in 1043 by removing control of the fort again transferred to the local Hindu rulers Katoch. In 1337 Muhammad Tughlaq and in 1351 Feroz Shah Tughlaq established temporary occupation. After sitting Akbar on the throne of Delhi in 1556, fort comes to king Dharmchand. After his death in 1563, his son Manakiya Chand became the ruler. Akbar's general Khanjhan attacked on the fort in 1571. But Akbar could not ever permanent possession onthe fort. Mughal emperor Jahangir in 1620 with the help of their governors could conquer the fort. In his statements, he said “the victory on the fort is very important and great”. More than 12,000 men had died in the war fighting heroically in katoch. Jhnagir came in January 1622 after winning the Kangra fort. He was liked the atmosphere and weathered. He was built Jhnagiri door on his name and a mosque in the fort. That is still available in the fort. The fort was occupied by the Mughal army for long time. It failed to take away all the effort. In 1789 Sikh Sardar Jai singh Khanhaiya took fort from Mughal Army. After he was allocate fort to Katoch King Sansar chand in (1765-1823) instead of ground area. Thus, after centuries of sacrifice Hindu Kangra king again returned to the fort. Amar Singh Thapa of Nepal led by the Gorkha army siege of the fortress of nearly four years. In 1809, according to the Treaty on the assurance of support against Gorkhas Fort Maharaja Ranjit Singh was handed over. Sikhs are placed on the fort until 1846. Thereafter, the fort fell to the British. But a few days before the terrible earthquake of April 4, 1905 the British army had left it.

Architecture of Kangra Fort

kangra fort
The most destructive earthquake in Kangra history heavily damaged the fort. Because of it many valuable works of art, buildings were damaged. But still, the fort boasts of their many stories of Hindu history. Even today coming to look shocked from its wonderful proof of ancient Indian architecture. Currently Archaeological Survey of India has been taking care of the fort. The first enter the fort to go through Maharaja Ranjit Singh door. Further Ahini door and richness door via a narrow path leads to the top of the fort. It has a narrow way next door to the Ahini door and Amiri Door comes up above.  The arches on the porch in the middle, Ganesh, Hanuman statue of Mahishasura Mardini and statues established. Further Jahangir door then come the Anderi door.
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Kangra fort comes in one of biggest forts in India situated in Kangra city of Himachal Pradesh. It’s ranked on eight places in the lis...
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