5 Top Tourist Destination | Places in Kerala that You Must Visit


kerala, in south India, is also known  as “God’s Own City”. This coastline state is rich in unique traditions and culture, and soulful pure tropical beauty. Most of people, known Kerala for its elephants, traditional temple festivals and the peaceful backwaters. The pace of life is slow, creating Kerala the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation.
Don’t miss these top 5 Kerala tourist Destinations.
1.  Fort Kochi
 Fort Kochi places to visit in Kerala
Famous as the “Gateway to Kerala”, Kochi is a wonderful city that’s had a moderate impact. British, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch have all left their mark here. The historical monument and architecture in Fort Kochi attract mostly visitors of this area.
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2.  Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters in kerala
One of the most peaceful and relaxing thing you can do in Kerala is get a trip in a houseboat with the palm-fringed Kerala aqueduct, popular as the backwaters. Freshly cooked tradition Indian food and chilled beer on the boat make the experience more enjoyable. You can spend the whole night in the middle of a lake. Stay at some nights at a resort or hotel along the backwaters too.
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4.  Varkala
Varkala one of the best beach in India
The location of this Varkala beach is outstanding enough to take your breath taking, with a long winding extend of sea cliff and views that make bigger over the Arabian Sea. A paved path runs with the length of the cliff, quaint shops, bordered by coconut palms, beach shacks, hotels and guest houses.
5.  Wayanad
Wayanad national park
Wayanad is a wonderful green mountainous region that stretches with the Western Ghats. It has a great deal of scenic. Abundant coconut palms, paddy fields thick forests, and lofty peaks form the scenery. Due to the nature of its land, the places also have much to offer adventure lovers. Famous attractions include trekking to Meenmutty Falls and Chembra Peak, climbing to Edakkal Caves, exploring old Jain temples and wildlife spot at Muthanga and Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuaries. Others  highlight of Wayanad is the many wonderful homes stays in the places.
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6.  Periyar National Park
Periyar National Park in Kerala
Periyar make bigger around the banks of a large artificial lake that was created by the dam of the Periyar River in 1895. It has 780 sq. kilometers (approx 485 square miles) of dense hilly forest, with 350 sq. kms (approx 220 square miles) of this being core park land.
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