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Aligarh Fort one of the Most Strongest Fort in India


Aligarh Fort is situated in Aligarh city of Uttar Pradesh. The town of Aligarh was previously known as a Kol or Koil. Kol or Koil was the earliest name with the city in addition to Aligarh had been the name with the fort community. Kol covered not merely the city even so the entire area, though it is geographical limits kept changing every so often. The origin with the name involving Kol is obscure. In certain ancient text messaging, Kol have been referred to from the sense of any tribe or Caste, name of any place or mountain in addition to name of any sage or demon.

Aligarh Fort Aligarh
Aligarh Fort

The fort, also called ‘Aligarh Qila’, is one of the strongest forts in the country. Aligarh Fort is speared 3 km to north with the Aligarh area. The architecture of the French engineers and the current Fort is a deep and wide surrounded by a ditch is the inclusion of regular polygons.

Aligarh Fort was built at the time of with Ibrahim Lodi, by Muhammad who was the son of the ruler of Kol, Umar, in 1524-25. It was rebuilt by Sabit Khan, the governor of the region in the rule with Farrukh Siyar along with Muhammad Shah. In the year 1759, the citadel attained fantastic significance under Madhavrao We Scindia along with became your centre for that organization with his battalions inside the European manner with the help of French army. In Sep. 1803, Lord Gerard Lake’s British Isles army underneath the leadership with Perron, this particular language officer taken the fort from your Marathas in the battle with Ally Ghur. During the war with 1857 your troops stationed at Aligarh mutinied, yet abstained via murdering his or her officers, which, with the opposite residents along with ladies along with children, prevailed in reaching Hathras.

Aligarh Fort aligarh
Aligarh fort 
Aligarh Fort situated over a hill in Barauli Marg towards the north of Aligarh Muslim University or college. The structure on the fort contains about 40 feet excessive ravines upon all features and bastions are meant on the particular angles on the walls. Presently Aligarh fort is under the administration of Aligarh Muslim University or college. The fort also residences the Section of Botany on the University which in turn also keeps the floral gardens as well as plantations within the fort. A visit to that fort furthermore requires particular permission in the botany division. It furthermore served for the reason that seat regarding several governors as well as rulers of the region including Sabit Khan, Surajmal Jat as well as Madhavrao Scindia.



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