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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Did You About Golconda Fort In Hyderabad Telangana?

Golconda (also spell Golkonda) Fort was the capital of the of Golconda kingdom which established between 14th to 16th century. It is located at Ibrahim Bagh and 11 kilometers from Hyderabad city, capital of...

Old Fort in Surat Best Tourist Destination in Gujarat

Surat is one of the popular cities of Gujarat state. Particularly Surat it’s popular for snacks and foods. But it’s not only one thing which is popular in Surat. There is many Historical Places...

Why You Should Experience Gwalior Fort At Least Once In Your Life | Gwalior...

Gwalior fort is the most well-known monument of Gwalior City Madhya Pradesh.  The Fort located on top of the hill Gopalchanl. Suraj Sen was the first king of this fort. Gwalior fort  Introduction:-   This fort was contracted...

Kumbhalgarh Fort Rajasthan | World’s Second Largest Wall | Entry Timing & Fee

You have must heard about “The Great Wall of China” the world’s largest wall. But did you hear about the world’s second largest wall which is located in India? It is Kumbhalgarh fort located in...

Kangra Fort is a Unique Example of Architecture

Kangra fort comes in one of biggest forts in India situated in Kangra city of Himachal Pradesh. It’s ranked on eight places in the list of largest fort in India. It is built on...

History of Chunar Fort In Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh

Chunar Fort is located in the Chunar Mirzapur northern side of the Kaimur Hill. It is situated on the southern bank of the Ganges. The fort is located on the right bank of the...

Tiracol Fort Best Tourist Place in Goa

After the construction of the Tiracol Fort it was under taken by Ruler Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle. It is a southern Maharashtra Township before entering the Goa and Maharashtra's last city. Historically, many changes...

Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal Gujarat

Tha Pavagadh Fort situated on Top of hill in Panchmahal district Gujarat. It’s located 46Km far from Vadodara City.The forts of Gujarat states are great example of amazing mix architecture of Hindu, Islamic...

Ancient Dhoraji Fort Porbandar Gujarat

The Dhoraji Fort is situated in Rajkot. Dhoraji is a small city located in Gujarat. The fort associated so many stories from last 200 years. This fort Known for...

Jhansi Fort Which Played Important role in Freedom Fight

Jhansi Fort is situated on the top of the hill in Jhansi city of Indian state Uttar Pradesh. It’s was built byarocha’s king Maharaja Veer Singh Dev in 1613. It’s was surrounded by 16...

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