1 Jan 2016

Best Places for New Year Party Celebration In Delhi

Today is 1St January and peoples are looking for a rock-on party. New Year is a very special time where mostly people invite the New Year with open hearts. It is now time when all social butterflies are searching for a possibility to get wasted in an excellent way.
We have enlisted leading five locations to celebrate this New Year – it could be on New Year eve or for the complete new week days –partying hard, fellas!

Hauz Khas Village:

This place is decorated with vignettes of enjoyment and flavor. Yes, you not only enjoy delicious food here, but also explore several good hangouts for New Year party celebrations.

Connuaght Place:

Lot of places available in CP, New Delhi has advance ticket booking for New Year celebration eve on New Year day. Roam around those archaic lanes, classy and get pleasure from the decorations and fun-filled atmosphere.

Greater Kailash:

Enjoy luxury hotels and restaurants and international foods in New Delhi. Even many places offer discounts on drinks and food for those who would wish for to go on a binge!

Khan Market:

One of the costly high-end places in India, Khan Market comes alive with illuminations and celebrations on festival days. If you have some great New Year celebration ideas, don't feel shy to attempt here!


For those person looking different the common Delhi style celebrations, hope into one of these places. Both Gurgaon and Noida are opening new ways for celebrations not only than just New Year but each and every festival. Many of the places offer free entries for New Year celebrations.


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