Surat is one of the popular cities of Gujarat state. Particularly Surat it’s popular for snacks and foods. But it’s not only one thing which is popular in Surat. There is many Historical Places and Tourist attractions in Surat Gujarat. Old Fort in Surat is one of the historical places.
how to reach surat fort

Complete History of Old Fort Surat

It was built in 14th century by the Mohammed Tughlak the ruler of Surat. Location: Near Tapi River, Surat. There was a reason behind the construction of this Old Fort that has been to make stronger the city against the attack by the Bhils. Malva full Shri Chatrapati Shivaji tried twice on this Old Fort of Surat. It is popular for its attractive architecture. To see the historical place of this city many tourists come to see Old Fort in Surat which was the witness of lots of historical moments of Surat. There are various museums, gardens and some other places to see near the Old Fort which attracting lots of tourists.


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