The History of Shaking Minar Ahmedabad


Sidi Bashir mosque is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The minarets of this mosque are called shaking minarets or jhulta minar because of its unique construction.  It’s nearby the sarangpur gate and 1. 5 km’s far from the Ahmedabad railway station. Due to its unique designed when 1 minaret will shake another one also shakes.

Shaking Minar In Ahmedabad
Shaking Minar

The popular shaking minarets aroused a whole lot curiosity with British rulers that on the list of the minaret has been dismantled by them, with vain, to fathom the secrets of its construction and the mystery guiding the wavering effect.

Architecture of Shaking Minarets

This is a unique historic architectural marvel inside state associated with Gujarat. Each and every minaret is three storied having delicately created balanced natural stone balconies, which girdle these minarets of each and every story. These kinds of minarets are usually about 21 years of age. 34 meters high.

Unknown about the Original Constructor

Popular Sidi Bashir, Sultan Ahmed Shah is named after a favorite servant, it’s probably likely, Builder Malik Sarang, was built in the area around sarangpur whose name Sultan Mahmud Shah was one of the great Court of Begada. Malik Muzaffar Shah II, a multicolored Rajput Hindu (1511-1526 AD) during the reign of Governor of Ahmedabad in ad 1521 Sultan of Islam had become converted and later. Noted the Siddi Bashir referred to as minors.