India Gate was built in 1930 memory of the 90,000 soldiers who had sacrifices their lives in the World War. It is located at Rajpath, India Gate height of 42 meters and is a very nice place to relax in the summer evening. During the winter, this monument serves as a popular picnic spot. Also the All India War Memorial or known as India Gate, India Gate was designed and constructed by Lutyens who designed government buildings in New Delhi.

India Gate Delhi
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The building rises in stages into a huge molding are made of red stone. At the top of the arch, India Gate written on both sides. Names of over 90,000 Indian soldiers in whose memory it is built are inscribed on the walls of the monument. On special occasions, was intended to be filled with burning oil, which is a shallow domed bowl at the top.

Another on the basis of India Gate memorial Amar Jawan Jyoti that was added after independence. The eternal flame of the unknown soldiers who laid their lives to serve the nation’s memory was published.

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Lush green lawns, Children Park and the famous boat club around the place make it an ideal picnic spot. Cool evening breeze near the fountains of India gate attract hundreds of visitors daily. India Gate in the evening that gives it a great appeal with the number of lights around it is published. Rashtrapati Bhavan near the base of a monument standing might be a good idea. Against the darkening sky beautifully lit up monument provides a memorable background. Even in daylight, the stretch between India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan offers a splendid view.

India Gate on January 26 every year, the latest advancements of defense technology is displayed stands witness to the Republic Day parade. Parade on the occasion of performing artists from around the country as colorful and diverse cultural heritage of India is a good platform to get a glimpse.


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