Are you on Medications? Avoid these Common Mistakes


Medicines have become a thing of daily intake for many with chronic illnesses, while for others it is an occasional need in case of medical emergencies and sickness. Whatever be the case, taking medicines the right way is important for its effectiveness and to avert any side effects and hazardous reactions inside the body. Especially, when you are taking more than one medicine at a time, it is important to know the safety rules before using them.

Below are a few common mistakes most of us make while on medication:

Inform your Doctor if you are already on any other medication: It is always suggestable to take your previous prescription or medicines that you are using already. Many medicines contradict with others. Your previous medication report will help your doctor to prescribe the right medication and dosage for you.

Discontinuation after relief: Abruptly terminating the course of medicines after a certain relief in the symptoms is not good. Especially, if you are taking antibiotics, take the complete course of medications as prescribed by your doctor. For any complications or if you experience any side effects, talk to your doctor immediately to get an advice on the medication or the course change.

Confusion about when to take the medicine: There are certain medicines which should strictly be consumed only after food, while others should be taken before food. It is possible you might get confused, but ignoring your confusion and opting for self-medication course is not good. If you are unable to understand the medication course details on your prescription, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist immediately who can guide you on the same. Do not self-medicate.

Skipping the dosages: Taking more than one medicine at a time might let you forget any one of them. However, one should know that skipping even a single medicine would not give the expected result. Many medicines work in combination and skipping any one of them may affect the overall outcome. Remind yourself or mark in your diary so that you don’t miss them. There are many apps and calendars for pill reminders that can come handy and guide you on time.

Leaving the medicines if it does not suit: It is possible that a medicine might now work for you. Remember, every body type and their response to medicines is different and same medicine doesn’t fit all. Getting depressed and leaving the medicines is not a solution. Instead, make a follow-up visit to your doctor and discuss other treatment options or medicines.

Things to consider while on medicines

Basic awareness on medication helps in good results and also a speedy recovery. Beware of certain things if you or your family member is on regular medication:

    1. First and foremost thing is to check the expiry date of the medicines

Store the medicines in cool and dry place, or else, as suggested by the physician or as per the label on the medicine

Be sure about the timing and dosage of the medicines

Be aware of the side-effects of the medicines, if any. Discuss with your doctor before you start the medication.

Know if there is any contraindication for the given medicine

A little awareness on medicines can avoid many medical complications that arise out of ignorance. So, be informed and keep following up with your doctor if you have any confusion on the timing and dosage of medicines.

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