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Tuesday, January 1, 2019
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Panhala Fort Maharashtra | Information, History, Trek & Review

Panhala Fort - The famous fort of Panhala is situated in Maharashtra. This fort is very important in history. This fort has seen history's big battle itself. This fort was ruled by King Bhoja...

Kareng Ghar Is One of the Greatest Examples of Ahom Architecture

History Rangpur, the former capital of the Ahom kingdom, 17th century Ahom ruler of heaven by Rudra Singha was established it by wood and other locally available material, a palace built in the city....

Pavagadh Fort Panchmahal Gujarat

Tha Pavagadh Fort situated on Top of hill in Panchmahal district Gujarat. It’s located 46Km far from Vadodara City.The forts of Gujarat states are great example of amazing mix architecture of Hindu, Islamic...

Jantar Mantar in Jaipur Rajasthan – Visit Timing & Entry Fee

Jantar Mantar in Jaipur was built in 1734 and it was one of the most accurate astronomical instruments at that time. This UNESCO World Heritage site for astronomical observations and calculations it still used...
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Haunted Jamali Kamali Tomb And Mosque

Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb is located in Archaeological Mehrauli village Delhi. This specific architectural structure comprises of two ancient monuments located alongside, one side the Mosque and the other side the tomb of...

15 Amazing Facts that May you Don’t Know About Taj Mahal

India’s World Heritage tomb Taj Mahal is located in Agra. It’s was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is an excellent sample of...

Biggest Step Well of World Chand Baori in Rajasthan

The Chand Baori step well-built over 1000 years ago in the Abhaneri village of Rajasthan. It is among the largest step wells in the world and also essentially the most beautiful types. It’s located...

Jahaz Mahal in Delhi & How to Reach Jahaz Mahal

Jahaz Mahal Hauz Khas-I-Shamsi its north-eastern corner located near miracle in Delhi. In the reflection around the reservoir (confusion) seen like a ship floating on a Lake since that way it was named Jahaz Mahal. It had been build for the...

Amazing Agrasen Ki Baoli In New Delhi

Agrasen Ki Baoli, is a protected archaeological site. It’s located nearby Connaught Place in New Delhi. There are about 105 steps in the terraced walls. It was built in the 14th century Maharaja Agrasen....

History Behind of Buland Darwaja

Buland Darwaja is situated inside Fatehpur Sikri that's located 43km far from Agra, India. The building was built in 1602 by Akbar. Buland word sense is great or high. As per its name Buland...

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