Hawa Mahal is the 5 story palace that is located in heart and soul of the pink city that was established in the year 1799 under the ruling of Sawai Pratap Singh.

The design of the building is therefore built that it concretes the form of a pyramid with the total of 953 windows uniquely carved in the Rajasthani pattern and styles.

Lal Chand Ustad, the designer of Hawa Mahal was designed this palace for the queens and other ladies from royal families to serves the purpose of fresh & cold winds inside the palace, enjoy the view of nature from the window.

inside view of hawa mahal
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Discussion regards its design, palace shares the peak of fifty feet from ground designed within the manner of a castle together with little windows. One attention-grabbing reality regarding Hawa Mahal states that the thickness of the walls of the palace area unit even lesser than a foot however superbly sculpted on skinny defend with erect location.

The name Hawa Mahal was given to the palace because the winds processing within the palace were physical change and making a soothing close to the palace. Out of the 5 story, the highest 3 story of the palace has a thickness of an area with bottom 2 story equipped superbly designed courtyards on the 3 sides of the palace.

The place ensures the gorgeous and breathes taking views of the complete town from a town that looks like the royal glimpse of town beneath the open sky. One might not remember the very fact that the looks of this palace resemble the crown of Lord Krishna within the kind of peacock feathers. King Sawai Pratap Singh was the biggest fan of Lord Krishna and so created this concept of building Hawa Mahal as a dedication to his almighty.

Throughout the rule of kings in Jaipur, purdaah principle was followed by the royal ladies within the town. They weren’t permitted to speak or move with outside folks or strangers. This became one of all the sturdy reasons for the creation of this palace that helped the royal ladies get pleasure from the sweetness of nature through the windows of this palace. Hawa Mahal is registered united good example portrayal dignity and honor of town within the history pages of Rajasthan. The palace of winds plays a significant role in ascent the social and famous responsibilities that are running from quite a decade past by the kings of town.

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