Are you having a hard time pulling your clothes out of your closet only to find out that it is not the one you’ve been looking for? Do you experience getting so annoyed after seeing how crumpled your clothes have become when they’re literally just kept well inside? Maybe, your closet just can’t breathe

Not because your clothes have been housed safely for a long time means they’re actually stored perfectly. In fact, instead of getting the best of them after being hidden in a secure area, you get the worst — wrinkled, olden by time clothes. It is because you have certain habits which you do not notice, thus, you can’t leave. The first step to actually avoid getting overloaded closet of clothes is to be mindful of the clothes you shop. In the first place, those clothes didn’t get into your closet without you buying them, right? (unless everything’s a gift, which is most likely impossible).

Here are the obvious but usually ignored shopping tips for you to get rid of overloaded closet of clothes!

1 – Do not settle with a half-hearted decision.

Buy what you really like. If you like a shirt because of the statement written on it, but you hate its color and neckline style, then most probably, you are going to wear it rarely until you find yourself stocking it in your closet for life. It is like you know you will be wasting money if you purchase it even if you do not totally like it, but you buy it nevertheless. Go for something you definitely like and not something which will never be your ootd for more than twice.

This is being practical and wise at the same time because you are not just going to save money for more relevant matters and better clothes, but you will also let your closet breathe. Always remember that buying something with a half-love or even like for it is just wasting some precious money and time.

2 – Let go of it if the size does not go with you.

This is so obvious, I think I do not even have to explain; nonetheless, I still will. I’m sure, you, too have the tendency to like a piece of clothing so much — as in you can’t take your eyes off of it and you feel like you can’t go to sleep later tonight without buying it. What you do is you grab that garment and come near to the salesperson to ask for your size. You are happily waiting until the salesperson tells you, “Ma’am/Sir, I’m sorry, but there’s no stock left for your size.” As you hear those words, your world suddenly fades to black. Truly, it is not an unusual instance, and it is just so heart-wrecking! BUT seriously, you do not have to buy it anymore. If you buy it, it is either you will not be able to breathe or you will look like a walking hanger.

You might have said already,”I’m gonna wear this when the time is right,” but also think of your size now so you can wear it now and not during the unpredictable right time because no one knows when that will be. When that time comes, that garment might have become faded and old. While that is a good motivation if you are planning to lose or gain some weight, it is not so wise if you are currently watching out on your budget and getting rid of an overloaded closet. There’s always a next time, and you will surely find better pieces that fit you perfectly, so it is alright to let go!

3 – Control the SALE urge

3-day sale, weekend sale, low prices for the holiday season, 70% off on all clothes, buy one and get two shirts! All these just sound perfect, but be careful because it might not be anymore after discovering that you’ve bought a lot of new clothes last month but weren’t able to wear all them.

Sale offers do magnetize so many wallets! That is so true, and I believe you agree for you’ve always been magnetized too! People have a really big tendency to hoard clothes which are on sale. “This price is so low! For sure, when it comes back to its regular price, it will be very expensive. I have to buy it now!” says a shopper for the 9th time after seeing another garment he/she likes. See? Shoppers take great advantage of sale seasons, but you should not let sale seasons take greater advantage of you — financially and spaciously (talking about your closet).

Cut-rate prices on clothes attract a lot of buyers, but you have to control and not focus on the price convenience alone but also on the need and the possibility that you are going to wear it or not.

4 – Buy an occasion-flexible attire for a single occasion.

This is actually one of the clothing aspects which most people do not handle cleverly. For instance, you have to wear a black attire for a debut invitation. If you are a lady, you do not need to purchase a black dress that is too extravagant — a long sleeved, backless, long back, polka-dotted silk dress with a large ribbon at the back and countless shiny gems on the chest portion. If you are a guy, you do not have to purchase a glittery black coat with stripes at the end of the sleeves! Phew! These are the types of clothes you will definitely wear again after a year or more. You can’t wear such on an ordinary day or on a formal meeting and also not on all occasions because aside from the fact that not all events you go to will require black, some will just need simple semi formal or smart casual look.

Consider buying one clothing you can wear for many events unless you are the debutant or the annual host of a celebration! It is really practical to use one occasion-flexible dress for three different occasions – one formal, one casual and one semi-formal. Aside from the aid it financially gives, you will also no more need to be in a rush to buy a certain attire somewhere else because you already have one in your closet. You just have to play with styles to make a difference. Doing this will help you save your budget and save clothes from getting rotten in your closet.

5 – Keep in mind that the future is not certain.

Do you buy a shirt to wear it? I mean, to wear it just after buying and washing it? Well, that’s how it usually happens. I know someone who is always very excited to wear a blouse she just bought. If possible, she wants to wear it as soon as she can and may! She does not wait for special days and events for her to wear it. On the other hand, I know someone who always considers the “future events” before buying and wearing.

You might have the tendency to say, “Oh, I’m going to buy this one for future parties I will be attending,” then the year goes, and every party you went to required different colors of clothes except for brown, which is the color of the suit you said you will be wearing to parties you will be attending. “I’m gonna wear this gown to the first wedding I will be attending this year” — then no one got married this year. It makes sense, right? It is not bad to get prepared for what’s yet to come, but do not overdo it or you will end up making that beautiful dress a hidden display in your closet.

6 – Avoid buying many trendy clothes

Certain clothes are the trendiest today, but a year from now or less, they might not be the people’s favorite style anymore. Some people buy a certain wear because its hype is definitely heating up and not because they like it. If you only buy it for the “in” status, then you are wasting money. It is alright to buy trendy apparel but not too much unless you’ve fallen in love with it for real! Do not collect a lot of one of the “trendy clothes of the year” because next year, when it is no more a up-to-date, it is likely that you will not wear it anymore and keep it in your personal vintage museum, that is your closet, instead.

There you have it – shopping tips you obviously and usually ignore that are why your closet can’t be properly closed anymore!

Hopefully, this writing piece has helped you think again about buying clothes. It is important that you do not just shop clothes as much as you want, but you also consider the spaces where you will put them. Let me take its similarity with cars; before you buy a car, preparing for it by allotting or finding a garage space for it is so important. Just like that! The closet must be taken care of as well to avoid unwanted creatures and other insects from getting into it and ruining your beloved clothes! Again, in your clothes shopping, always remember the things mentioned above for they will surely help you to get rid of overloaded closet of clothes!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Mode Collective, a women’s shoe and leather accessories brand in Australia. She is also a writer for Northern Menswear, an England-based online street wear store bringing the hottest trends in men’s fashion. Because of the course she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and film making. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. “To God be the glory.”


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