Jahaz Mahal in Delhi & How to Reach Jahaz Mahal


Jahaz Mahal Hauz Khas-I-Shamsi its north-eastern corner located near miracle in Delhi. In the reflection around the reservoir (confusion) seen like a ship floating on a Lake since that way it was named Jahaz Mahal. It had been build for the period of the Lodi dynasty period (1452–1526) as a resort, Sarai or an inn.


Jahaz Mahal
Jahaz Mahal 

History of Jahaz Mahal

One reason behind building the Jahaz Mahal getaway was to deliver transit accommodation as a Sarai or (inn) towards the multitude of pilgrims coming from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq,  Arabia,  Morocco as well as Turkey who came to Delhi to see the a lot of Muslim shrines. One more type is that it was built as a retreat for the emperors, Akbar Shah II as well as Bahadur Shah II and their loved ones, during the summer time, from the warmth and dirt of Delhi. Their construction is usually dated concerning 1451 and 1926, before Babar’s attack and the start of Mughal rule in Delhi.

Structure of Jahaz Mahal

The castle is approached from the East side. In a courtyard, essentially a rectangular shape “u” shape in the Centre, seen in the Castle. The Palace is carved the impressive square chartist (six pillars-six of them, with different numbers of eight and twelve) or corners and Centre, various Chambers and walls (pictures in the gallery) embellished with beautiful towers in squelches. The Central gate is decorated with blue tiles on the domed Pavilion. A small mosque, even as a mihrab with a niche in the west wall is located inside the Castle.
Jahaz Mahal inside
Jahaz Mahal Inside

Cultural Event of Jahaz Mahal


Among the tour’s annual flower colourful yahas Castle Festival is held in October of venue or tour-e-Gul Faroshan ‘ (means a floral procession) is. Flower vendors were made and flower bedecked pankhas (fans) a procession, called the “waterfall” Hauz Khas-I-Shamsi tank overflow outlet, at mehrauli starts from the first offer to Yogmaya Temple flower fan stops in awe as icon Yahsa goes to the Castle and finally presentation of the fans and dargha of Kaki chaddar famous Dargah Hazrat Qutbuddin Bakhtiar khalji kaki for ends. It is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim included composite culture. It marks the synergetic Hindu-Muslim’s composite culture. Festival Emperor Akbar ShahII, was launched in 1820. It’s time for the British during a 1942 was close but Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister in 1961 on the initiative was introduced. The three-day Festival is organized detailed cultural events where the Jahaj Mahal is held in. India has many States hold cultural parties dance, drama program performance and musical soirees (especially Qawwalis), their colorful regional costumes and wish to identify their talents for the honor. Fire dancers direct the procession having pankahs.

Nearest Metro Station of Jahaz Mahal

Qutab minar is a Nearest Metro Station of Jahaz Magal


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