Our India is a house of landmarks. All the kings ruled here, they made some historical monuments during their reign. As such, one of them is the Salimgarh Fort, but during the reign of the British, the fort was imprisoned and the freedom fighters were held captive here. Let’s learn more about this fort in detail.



History of Salimgarh Fort – Salimgarh Fort History

Construction of the fort of Salimgarh In 1546, the successor of Sher Shah Suri and son Islam Shah Suri had made the nearby of Yamuna River. In 1622 AD, Jahangir built a bridge here and added the fort to the mainland, later breaking the bridge when the British were building a railway line.

Later this huge construction work was connected by the Shah to the Red Fort and during this reign of Aurangzeb, this fort became the state prison. The British administration also used it as a prison, and in 1945 the Indian National Army leaders were kept in captivity.

Their memorials also remained inside the fort. At present, the name of the fort has been changed to the freedom fighter’s memorial.

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Architecture of Salimgarh Fort – Architecture of Salimgarh Fort

Salimgarh Fort built in old Delhi is surrounded by masonry wall of solid waste, and to a lesser extent it is made in the shape of a polygon. Within the fort is entrance entrance from the northern gate.

The north gate is also known as Bahadur Shahi Gate, because it was built by Bahadur Shah Zafar from 1854 to 1855 . This gate was constructed using brick masonry with red plateaus.

There are many great fortresses inside the fort and we still see the ruins today.

Time to travel to Salimgarh Fort – Time to travel to Salimgarh Fort

It is open throughout the year, but it is usually kept open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on a daily basis. There is no admission fee for the fort to see, it is open to all. It takes about 40 minutes to see this huge structure.

How to reach Salimgarh Fort – How to reach Salimgarh Fort

To reach the fort of Salimgarh, you have to reach Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. You can also resort to spatial buses from various places in the city to reach the fort or you can also reach the fort by metro, auto or rickshaw or taxi. Near the fort there is the Kashmiri Gate Metro Station, while the oldest Delhi railway station is nearby.



  1. Salimgarh Fort seems like a beautiful fort. I have never visited but I have learned a lot about this fort from your post. You have mentioned the significance of this fort in a very informative way. I found it to be a very interesting post. Thank you for mentioning all these important facts about Salimgarh Fort.


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