Here is information of some historical places in London connected to Indian Freedom fighters.

  1. University College London:- Madanlal Dhingra completed Diploma in Civil Engineering in this college. He was killed by Sir Curzon Wyllie in 1909.University College London:
  2. House in High Gate: – where Shyamji Krishnavarma used to live. He proposed a scholarship to Savarkar.House in High Gate:
  3. Pentonville Prison: Udham Singh (1940) and Madanlal Dhingra (1909) went to the hanging here. Both were denied cremation according to Hindu ritual and buried in coffins in prison premises.Pentonville Prison:
  4. Grays Inn: – where Savarkar was competed Law education but has not been called by the Bar for his political activities.Grays Inn
  5. Caxton Hall: Savarkar did many of his public meetings here between 1908-1909.In 1919 Tilak condemn the Rowlett Act and the Jalianwala Bagh manslaughter. In 1940 Udham Singh punishes this slaughter by shooting down Sir Michael Odwyer, Governor of Punjab at the time of the slaughter, in the hall.Caxton Hall
  6. Present Foreign and Commonwealth Office:–This was Office of Indians (1858-1947). Savarkar came here to meet up Sir Curzon Wyllie. He as well completed his education for the popular book Indian War of Independence in 1857, in the India Library. Lokamanya Tilak also visited in this Library in 1919.Present Foreign and Commonwealth Office:
  7. Magistrate’s Court and Bow Street Police Station: After his arrest at London Victoria station, Savarkar was under arrest in the police station and bring before the Magistrate after that day.Magistrate’s Court and Bow Street Police Station:


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