Tips for Visiting Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is also referred to as the ‘Pink City’ for the pink walls and buildings in the old city. The city has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country for the well preserved royal heritage dating back to the Rajputana era. Taking up one of the Jaipur Tour Packages by a reputed tour organizer can help you in seeing all the important places in the city. So what’s holding you back? Take up one of the Royal Taxi cabs services and move around in a taxi in Jaipur to get the better feel of the city.

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Well, its always better to be prepared beforehand for the Jaipur Tour Packages. This goes in making your holidays a memorable one. So here’s what you need to know for a good time in Jaipur.

Essential tips for the Jaipur trip:

Get some information beforehand: If you are a foreign tourist, you need to know more about the place beforehand.

Location: It is approximately 260 kilometers south west of Delhi

Travel time: Approximately 4 hours from Delhi. Also a 4-hour journey from Agra, another point for reaching.

Reaching: Jaipur is well connected with Indian Railways, by flight and also be roadways from Delhi, Agra, and other major cities.

Time Zone: Standard Indian time Zone UTC+5:00 is followed.

Languages: people in Jaipur talk in Rajasthani and Marwadi. Hindi is also a common language. But in hotels and tourist areas, English is also prevalent.

Climate and Weather: Jaipur experiences a very hot and dry climate. The best season to visit the place is the winters i.e. from November till March when the temperature is a pleasant 25 degree Celsius. But the nights could be very chilly (5ºC).

Traveling in and around Jaipur: There are many places to be visited in Jaipur. Taking the taxi from the Royal Taxi Cabs is the advisable way to move around the traffic in the city.

Beware of the tourist guides: The tourist guides would take you only to the places where they get the commission. So a tour package is advisable instead.

Health and safety: As tourists, you could be prone to many scams, the gem scam being the most common. Do not leave your money and other valuables in the hotel while you are out. Carry your sunblock and sunscreen and a water bottle anytime you move around in the city.

Also, pack all your essentials and medicines for the trip so that you have them when you need them. Happy holidaying!!

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