Mysore considered as one of the most popular tourist places in India, Mysore is often a wonder of their state of Karnataka that gives rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It is adorned with stunning places to explore that may get you drooling and also tickle the adventurer in you.
Mysore is also referred to as the ‘Sandalwood City of India’ and it is a exclusive and much wanted holiday destination for travel Lovers.
In order to succeed in Mysore, you can consider flights to Mysore Airport also referred to as Mandakalli airport. If you wish to take the railroad route, Mysore railway station is located in the heart with the main city.

1. Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace tourist detonation in India
The sum architectural beauty with Mysore revolves with this palace. It is the prettiest contributions made simply by Wodeyar kings. Built in 1861, the palace emanates regular Hindu style architecture and has also been home to a lot of historical moments with Mysore.
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2. Lalitha Mahal


best places to visit in mysore Lalitha Mahal
Having majestic finish, the Lalitha Mahal stands as being a royal flagship, from the then Maharaja of Mysore. This palace was designed by Maharaja Krishnaraj Bahadur Wadiyar 4. The architecture continues to be inspired by E Paul’s Cathedral in London and is a variety of several architectural types from Europe. It’s now been converted in a hotel and is maintained from the India Tourism Development Corporation. The Mysore Silver Thali is the star-dish of your hotel which brings out the inviting flavor of South India.
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3. St. Philomena’s Cathedral

tourist destination in mysore St. Philomena’s Cathedral
This heritage destination at Mysore extends back to be around 200 years of age. It is also referred to as as St. Joseph’s Church and displays the perfect outcome of Gothic style architecture. It is probably the largest Cathedrals inside the whole of Southerly Asia. The relics seen in the church fit in with the 3rd century rendering it even more intriguing.
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4. Mysore Palace

places to see in mysore St. Philomena’s Cathedral
It’s also known as Mysore Maharaja Structure, and is among the largest palaces in India. Tucked amidst town centre, the palace was built-in 1897 and has been later reconstructed in 1912. The architecture can be an amalgam of different varieties of architecture that display skilful and intricate craftsmanship. The palace carries a jewel encrusted golden throne that is certainly displayed on special occasions. While it possesses its magnificent appeal during the day, it gets lighted with over 98, 000 bulbs in the evening.
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5. Shivanasamudra Falls
best water falls in India Shivanasamudra Falls
That gorgeous roaring normal water cascade flows from Shivanasamudra, an island town those types these falls by means of River Cauvery. The waterfalls are usually divided as Gaganachukki Declines and Bharachukki Falls and therefore are rated among the superior 100 falls worldwide. It not only supplies a spectacular view, but is known for being Asia’s primary Hydroelectric Power Section.

 6. Karanji Lake

top Lakes in India Karanji Lake
This famous distinct water lake is found at the foot of Chamundi Slopes. The lake was constructed from the King of Mysore. The idea spreads across 85 acres and stimulates migratory birds that will flock here time to season providing a majestic perception. The lake is surrounded by way of a picturesque park and has a huge housing for birds that is considered the biggest of its kind in the Country. Karanji Lake also offers boating facilities to take more pleasure of the blissful day out there at Mysore.
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7. Brindavan Gardens

best tourist spots in mysore Brindavan Gardens
The gardens are placed below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. Brindavan Back yards commenced its construction in 1927 and it was completed in 1932. The entire spot spreads across 150 acres and it is considered as one of the best gardens in the country. Apart from the stunning symmetric layout it houses some sort of Botanical Park and a lot of fountains in various sizes and heights that come together in order to create a mesmerizing see.

8. Chamundi Hills

Tourist Destination in Mysore Chamundi Hills
Located for a height of 1065 m above the sea level, one needs to climb a hundred steps to succeed in the top on Chamundi Hills. The ancient Chamundeshwari Temple is located at the top of these hills that will belong to 11th one hundred year. The temple carries a 5 m large statute of Nandi bull that had been carved out of the single rock and it is covered with rules, chains, bells and also jewelry of stone.
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