Road trips are always special. You take a couple of friends along with you, a single convertible car or individual bikes and hit the long road. The feeling can be simply enigmatic. Moreover, a bachelor’s road trip is more fun and thrilling compared to other trips. Planning a road trip can be sudden, but the experience and memories will be there for a lifetime. Want to plan such a trip with your friends anytime soon? Here are some of the best road trips around the world where you will have the best time in your life. So, read on and plan accordingly.

The Garden Route (South Africa)

– Discover the madness of being on road amid lush greenery

Small hills on one side, the endless sea on the other and the overall lush green color will make for a stunning road trip and that is exactly what the garden route has in store for you. This trip will make your trip to South Africa booked through Musafir offers memorable. The stretch from Mossel Bay to Storms River mouth is ideal for an adventurous and memorable road trip.

You will be accompanied by lovely vineyards all along the way and the trip will be the most dramatic ever. Pack your bags, take your gears and get those wheels roaring.

Stelvio Pass (Italy)

– Get thrilled spearing through the long-stretched rugged terrains and snaking twists

One of the legendary roads for road trips, Stelvio Pass is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It demarcates the Swiss Italian border and has 48 hairpin turns through the trip. So, if you have motion sickness, then this road will not be suitable for you. However, if you do not have any such issues, then the Stelvio Pass can be one hell of a ride.

The rough terrain is one to feel from within and the twists and turns will give you a different kind of thrill altogether. Traveling on bikes would be the most enjoyable experience in this road trip compared to the cars.

Salar de uyuni (Bolivia)

– Pierce hard through the heart of the largest lake on planet while on wheels

Ever wondered how you would feel when you are in the middle of a lake and there is nothing to see for miles and miles? Feeling like a dream, isn’t it? Well, that is the beauty of salar de uyuni and the lake is not a lake after all. It will hardly reach your ankles, but the road trip will be right up there at the top of your list.

It is the largest lake on earth and the entire place is equally beautiful during the day as it is as night when the moon is up and there are millions of twinkling stars to stare at.

Route 66 (USA)

– Set for a thrilling retro-mood road trip and let yourself go with the humming winds

Want to go on a road trip that looks exactly like the ones you see in the movies? Route 66 in USA is a picture-perfect example and thus the best spot to set for a super thrilling road trip.

It has that retro feel to it and is best when you have individual bikes to traverse the path that connects Chicago to California. Enjoy the sunset while driving down the road and maybe hum blowin’ in the wind during the trip.

You will simply love the thrill and excitement that you will experience throughout. The places mentioned above are just surreal and you will never regret your decision of being wanderlust ever.



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