A honeymoon is one of the most important events in a couple’s love life. They get to know each other and end up falling more in love with each other. Couples spend insane amounts of money on honeymoon trips, but that trend is changing. Today, there are many budget honeymoon destinations in Asia that provide the perfect romantic setting and are light on the pocket as well. You can save money to build a future together, and still have the perfect honeymoon in these romantic holiday destinations. Let the love begin.

 Honeymoon Destination in aisa

Though Singapore is packed with tourists all year round, there are special places for couples where they can escape away from the crowds and have a great time. The nearby small islands are rarely packed with tourists. Couples can also find affordable resorts on the islands or can catch cheap ferry rides. The islands for honeymooners are St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island, and PulauUbin. If couples want to enjoy adventures and tourist activities, they can check out Sentosa Island. All the islands have amazing beaches where you can relax in isolation. There are also many wonderful attractions in the mainland area. A holiday here is much cheaper than you think. Research online for best honeymoon packages offered from reputed tour operators.
The smallest country in Asia is a big destination for honeymoon. Star-crossed lovers will fall more in love with each other in this beautiful country. Ice blue waters, powder-fine white sand beaches, hospitable people, and beautiful beach resorts, Maldives knows how to spoil its guests. There are many affordable holiday packages for Maldives that pack a lot of romantic adventures. Don’t forget to tour the capital, Male and experience the country’s culture. Couples can laze away the whole day on the beaches in seclusion, or swim in peace at private locations. Scuba diving is another popular activity here. Maldives is the perfect place for an island honeymoon.
Bali, Indonesia
Indonesia has the most places for honeymoon vacations, and Bali is at the top of the list. Here, you will find many amazing beach resorts that cater to couples. There are also many beaches like Sanur, South Bali, and Legian that are couple friendly with lesser crowds. You can also explore the jungles with a safari, or relax at the many spas and get couples massages and spa treatments. Bali also has many temples, and of course, the Elephant Safari. There are too many options for you to enjoy your honeymoon. So, choose Bali for a romantic and eventful honeymoon.   
Sapa, Vietnam
Now here’s a vacation place not many think of. Vietnam is beautiful country, once ravaged by war. Today, it is at peace, and now is the time to enjoy the natural beauty. Sapa is based in mountainous region. From here, you can take trekking trips, nature walks, and market tours. One thing as a couple you must do is check out the rice fields. They are quite beautiful. From Sapa City, you can head out to many other locations, and enjoy beaches, rivers, forests and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All this at extremely affordable budgets. Plus, you will have a honeymoon in a unique and beautiful location.  
Seoul, South Korea
If you want to live it up, shop, and have a grand time, then Seoul in South Korea is the honeymoon destination to consider. From cool shopping avenues to nightlife destinations, you will find it all here. In the morning, tour the city and soak in the art, culture and architecture in places like Changgyeonggung, Gyeongbokgung, and Deoksugung. In the evening, shop to your heart’s content in the many malls, and markets, and in the night, hit party circuit at Seoul’s famous bars, night clubs, pubs, and lounges. Seoul will make you feel alive. Choose from the best honeymoon packages to get your money’s worth.  
Thailand Islands
We all know about Bangkok, Phuket, and other mainstream areas, but did you know about the amazing, secluded islands around Thailand. These islands also belong to Thailand and are perfect for a honeymoon. Islands like Koh Lipe, and Phi Phi Islands are absolutely beautiful. Phi PhiLeh is famous because the Hollywood film, The Beach was shot here. It is a tourist haven. Koh Lipe is more laid back. You can enjoy the shimmering waters and surreal beaches here. Explore caves or partake in waters ports, as there’s a lot to do. There are other secluded islands as well, which you can explore during the day. Thailand is an affordable honeymoon destination, and if you book Thailand tour packages from reputed tour operators, it will be even cheaper.   
Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan Civil War is long over. Now is the right time to explore this gorgeous island country. It is full of thick rainforests, wildlife, hilly avenues, pristine beaches, and metro cities. You can easily find good resorts at affordable prices. What’s more is that you can tour different areas of the country in a short span of time. Do try the local cuisine. It is breath-taking. It is fast gaining popularity around the world. So, if you wish to have an undisturbed honeymoon, exploring different terrain, Sri Lanka is the place to be.
One of the most underrated countries in Asia, Laos is the one of the best places for honeymoon vacations. Laos is a great place to experience Buddhist culture. The country is full of Buddhist temples and shrines, where you can visit, pray, take blessings and even meditate. Laos is also full of historical sites full of art and culture. And for the honeymooners, there are many natural avenues like serene rivers, and pristine forests. During the dry season, you can head to the beaches for water activities. All in all, Laos is one of the best unexplored romantic holiday destinations in Asia, and worth for a memorable budget friendly honeymoon.


Try one of the budget honeymoon destinations in Asia, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can experience at a reasonable budget. Asian destinations are now getting their share of much deserved attention. Soon, these destinations will become the most popular in the world. So, before they get crowded, honeymooners can use this time and have the perfect honeymoon vacations.

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