Tughlaqabad fort located in New Delhi. It’s spread over a total of 6.5 km. The fort was built by Delhi Sultanate Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq who is the founder of Thughlaq Empire. He was ruled on Delhi from 1321 to 1327. This fort is now turned into ruins. It’s located nearby Tughlaqabad industrial area and Asola Bhati Wildlife sanctuary.

History of Tughlaqabad Fort

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This is very interesting history of the fort. Ghiyas- ud-din Tughlaq built the fort at the beginning of the 14th century. Malik Ghazi Tughlaq before he acquired the title is known as the Sultan Mubarak Khilji servant. Khilji Malik that later called Tughlaq to want to build a new city for him on the top of the hill. This idea comes in his mind when Tughlaq come in power. He tried to give shape to their plans.

For the protection of the fort form Mughal attackers. The fort was the stronghold. The fort linked by the road which later came to be known as the GT Road.

India, New Delhi, Tughlaqabad Fort, Century Tomb Of Ghiyasuddin

According to legend, Tughlaq ordered each of the labourers with the area for being involved with building this specific city-fort. Nizamuddin Auliya, one particular laborer seemed to be extremely unhappy with this specific and they cursed the entire enterprise. Subsequently, the city fort could hardly prosper. Perhaps till date, it is uninhabitable possesses thorny bushes.

Some important thing that you should know about the Tughlaqabad fort:-
Near By – National Zoological Park
Attractions: Tomb of Ghiyath-al-Din inside the fort
Visiting time: – Morning 8 AM To Evening at 6 PM.
Light and Sound Ein Tughlaqabad fort:- Between 5 PM to Pm In Both language (English or Hindi)


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