Tha Pavagadh Fort situated on Top of hill in Panchmahal district Gujarat. It’s located 46Km far from Vadodara City.The forts of Gujarat states are great example of amazing mix architecture of Hindu, Islamic and European cultures. Some Important forts in Gujarat are Daboi Fort, Dhoraji Fort, Uparkot Fort Pavagadh fort.
Pavagadh fort
Pavagadh fort
The Pavagadh fort is a well known tourist spot which is a symbol of Gujarat Culture heritage. It had been once the particular palace of the rulers of the Solanki kingdom. Tourists through various places and entire world are attracted from the fort’s beautiful architecture. In truth, this fort is known as among the most exquisite waste architecture in India. The Pavagadh hill station is basically frequented by simply people from the Hindu and also Jain communities because of the large amount of temples.  
The Pavagadh fort situated on the top of hill in Ahmedabad Gujrat. The around area is reasonably a rocky terrain as a result of numerous hills all over. The best to visit of this is in the between March to October.
Pavagadh fort
Pavagadh fort
Many experts said that the Rajput king Vanraj Chavda constructed Champaner in the loving memory of his wise minister Champa. later than that Patai Raval family who looked after the border was ruled. According to folk tales Mahakali took the form of a woman and danced in celebration Garba during Navratri festival. Patai’s last, Jaysinh saw him in an obscene way. The Lord became angry and said they cursed her. As a result, the Mughal Emperor of Gujarat, Mahmud Begada Pavagadh attacked and took control of the hills.
Pati was defeated and murdered, Mahmoud Begada political reasons, for the sometime moved the capital in Champaner from the city of Ahmedabad. After that he was constructed some building like Champaner fort, the Uohra mosque, the Shalkh temple,  Mandavi,  Kirtistambh, Mandavi,  Jama Masjid, Nagina Mosque and Kevda Mosque. Begada Palace remains still two kilometers from Champaner, which (also called Banyan pond) Vad pools can be found nearby.
Pavagadh Attractions
Lakulisa Temple
Lakulisa temple in Pavagadh is probably the earliest known Hindu temple. The temple was constructed before  10th to the 11th century. Its remnants still exist in the Pavagadh.
Mahakali Temple
Mahakali temple is a well-known center of pilgrimage for both Muslim and Hindu. Hundreds of pilgrims leading to the Temple to invoke the blessings of Goddess Maha Kali the goddess each day go to the temple. Despite her frightening appearance, the goddesses to fulfill the wishes of his faithful devotees are considered. This temple is considered good for the educational tour. The statue of Goddess Mahakali temple houses the ground floor and the top floor is considered sacred for Muslims.


Gate of the Fort Walls
Pavagadh fort gates around the walls of the fort gate shows. Primary gates made of solid rock, which importantly Atak Gate, resembled gate, Budhiya gate and beads are Saidan Shah Gate.


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